EP427: Peter Cook & Debbie Roberts - The E-Myth Bookkeeper: Strategies for Hiring Success

“The number one marketing strategy for bookkeepers, people would say, is 'do a good job and referrals will come'.”
- Debbie Roberts 

Finding the right people to work in our businesses is tough. Managing expectations on both sides can be challenging, maybe our systems and processes aren’t as great as we hoped, or maybe they just aren’t the right fit for us. 

No matter what happens, mistakes are only a waste of time if we refuse to learn from them. When we get things wrong, it gives us a great opportunity to review our practices and see what isn’t working. This will help us understand where the fault lies and how to fix it. 

Not everyone wants to be the boss, some just want to turn up and do what they love, but in order to find these people we have to be sure of their skills. You cannot take someone’s word on success, spend time with them, sit with them and have them show you they can do everything you want them to do, in the way you want them to do it. 

Peter Cook, and Debbie Roberts, co-authors of the E-Myth Bookkeeper, and co-founders of Pure Bookkeeping are this episode’s featured guests. This sixth episode on The E-Myth Bookkeeper is all about how to hire great people, develop your systems and be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams. 

If you are struggling to grow in your business and want to scale but aren’t sure how to find and test the right people for you then this episode will teach you how to build the right systems and then test and hire for them with confidence.  

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of never giving up on your dreams
  • How to hire great people, and keep them
  • The importance of systems and processes in your business

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Time Stamps

01:21 - The successful bookkeeper
05:27 - Debbie’s story
09:34 - Developing your systems
18:52 - Finding the right people for you
30:54 - Embracing what you’re good at

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