EP422: Peter Cook - 7 Effective Strategies For Marketing Your Bookkeeping Business

“The sales conversation isn’t about the details of how we do the bookkeeping, it's about, what are the benefits of that for a business owner.”
- Peter Cook

Most of us would say that referrals have been our best avenues to new business. Yet when quizzed about how we get them, many of us have no system or proactive approach in place with which to attract them. 

It’s a fine line, make too many cold calls/posts and no one will take us seriously, but sitting back and waiting for things to happen to us, doesn’t yield positive results either. This coupled with the issue that most of us are good at bookkeeping, not marketing, can make gaining and retaining clients a real problem.

Peter Cook, co-author of The E-Myth Bookkeeper and co-founder of Pure Bookkeeping, is this episode’s featured guest. He takes a deeper look at effective systems and strategies for marketing, and how prioritizing meaningful connections can make all the difference.

If you are unsure how to market yourself, but not really gaining any meaningful leads, then this is the episode to help you move away from telling people what you’re good at, and start actively showing them.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of letting your skills speak for themselves 
  • How to build meaningful relationships
  • The importance of being proactive in your approach to referrals

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Time Stamps

02:09 - Growing your bookkeeping business 
08:10 - Systems for marketing 
13:00 - Seven effective marketing strategies for bookkeepers
16:52 - Building meaningful relationships
24:22 - Creating referral systems 
28:30 - Is paid advertising worth it? 

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