Getting paid.

This is a crucial aspect of every small business, but it is not always easy to get clients to pay their invoices. Too often do bookkeeping business owners suffer because of late &...

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Mindset is the foundation for everything we do.

Successful entrepreneurs have strong, empowering mindsets. Julia Pimsleur shares her insights around how mentality can be a deciding factor in the...

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“The education mindset just has to be a part of your DNA these days.”

That is what our guest this week says about how bookkeeping businesses can stay on top of emerging technology trends. 


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How can I make things more valuable and useful for my clients?

A central question for all bookkeeping business owners alike.

Teresa Slack is the co-founder of Financly, a Pure Bookkeeping licensee...

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The biggest driver of success is your mindset.

Owner of She Thinks Big Coaching, Geraldine is a business strategist and coach for CPAs. Her passion is empowering business owners to unleash their...

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What makes a customer return to your business?

As bookkeeping business owners, this is a question that is always on our minds. 

Returning guest Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, keynote...

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Exhausted.Entrepreneurs and business owners alike struggle with burnout. The physical and mental toll of working nonstop can have serious effects on your health. Our guest this week is Amber...

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First impressions.

Bookkeeping business owners know that establishing a meaningful relationship with their customers is paramount for long-lasting success.

Nikki Rausch, sales expert...

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What if the thing holding you back from success is YOU?

Feeling you’re not good enough. Feeling like you don’t offer value. These are self-limiting beliefs that many of us have, but maybe don’t...

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The world of marketing is changing.

With the increasing role of the internet in our lives, customers are turning to online platforms, like Google, to review and find business recommendations. 


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