EP288: Ron Baker - How Pricing On Relationship Can Transform Your Bookkeeping Business

“Uncommon services command uncommon prices.”

–Ron Baker

Building relationships with our clients can be complicated. It can be really tempting to measure success by the number of clients or billable hours we manage to cram into a month. And yet, so many of us are left feeling overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, and not living up to our true potential and purpose.

Shifting from an hourly rate to a value-based pricing structure is a big move. Even bigger is recognizing your worth in relation to the subscription economy and pricing based on your relationship with your client.

When you connect with the idea that you can charge a premium for giving a few select clients consistent peace of mind. It will wash away the belief that success is a client roster so full, no single client ever gets the best of you.

Ron Baker is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, with a passion for values-based pricing. On today’s episode Ron talks about creating lifetime customer value and the importance of pricing based on achieving customers needs, not billable hours.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • How to price on your relationship with your clients
  • The value of tailoring your services to a niche marketThe importance of
  • purpose & position driven pricing
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On March 22nd, you can watch him speak at the Convert with Value workshop series. You can register for this free event at this link.

Time Stamps

2:00 - Ron talks about the subscription economy
6:20 - Adapting to innovation
9:12 - Pricing the customer, not the work
11:24 - Transforming your clients on a deeper level
18:35 - Overcoming the mental hurdles of subscription pricing
22:15 - Setting your price by relationship
28:55 - Putting a price on peace of mind
31:05 - The value of an uncommon offering
36:04 - Tailoring your services to a niche
37:55 - Convert with Value workshop
39:00 - Crafting your options for pricing
42:25 - Getting in touch with Ron

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