How Your Mindset Dictates Your Life: 3 Mindset Changes for Success

Many successful people owe their achievements to having the right mindset. But it's not something you are born with - not when you can shift your mindset to great effect.

Lauren Handel Zander is a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and co-founder and chairwoman of The Handel Group.

She spent two decades coaching thousands of clients of various profiles and walks of life. In fact, Lauren's clients included entrepreneurs, families, politicians, award-winning artists, and Fortune 500 CEOs. While her career today can be described as stellar, this wasn't always the case. 

You see, Lauren attained a BS in environmental studies and found a job that seemed to embody all her aspirations. She started working at the United Nations Global Environment Facility.

However, the job turned out not to be what Lauren expected. 

In fact, she describes it as the worst job in her life. Instead of resolving environmental issues on the field, Lauren found herself in a cubicle, buried under paperwork. This was a wake-up call for Lauren, prompting her to question her career choice. She found herself on shaky ground, unsure how to move forward in life. 

As it turned out, Lauren found the answer in changing her mindset around what she wanted to do and how she could impact the world. Success followed once she made the shift.

Lauren is proof that your mindset is a crucial factor in your private and professional life. Yet, it isn't set in stone. It's possible to make specific mindset changes that will help you find success in your profession. 

And in this article, we'll explain how you can do just that.

The Three Essential Mindset Changes

Mindset Change #1. Start Believing in Yourself

Self-belief can be critical for success, but it doesn't always come naturally. In fact, people often don't believe in themselves. They can have trouble believing in their dreams, doing the necessary work, or even the very concept of dreaming.

As Lauren put it, people don't believe in what they want.

The greatest issue that results from this lack of self-belief is that people become unwilling to do the work needed to get what they want in life. Then, a vicious circle forms in which not believing in yourself diminishes your will to make a change, which further feeds into the negative self-belief.

However, you can reverse this process. 

If you ask yourself if you want to work to get the income, relationships, or even the body you need, the answer will likely be Yes. Then, all you'll need to do is find the right system that will allow you to work efficiently to that end. 

Once you start achieving results, your self-belief should start increasing. Naturally, this process will be somewhat challenging. But it's an effective outside-in way of boosting your confidence and believing in yourself again.

Mindset Change #2. Rewire How You Think About Life

We started this article by mentioning how Lauren used to work with various clients, including many celebrities. 

Typically, we have a particular image of such high-profile individuals as people who've achieved everything they wanted in life. But Lauren's experience tells a different story.

She claims to have never met a famous person who reached true happiness about their success. Although Lauren worked with people who won Emmy, Peabody, Grammy, and Academy Awards, their professional fulfillment didn't guarantee a feeling of complete success.

Negative feelings persist even in the face of professional success. And it’s because no matter where you are in your life, you still have to deal with yourself. The key to dealing with these internal issues isn't in striving for more achievements. Instead, it's in rewiring how you think about your life. 

So, if you want to make a mindset change that will have a profound impact, consider how you think about your family, work, body, and other essential aspects of life.

Soul-searching is one of the most challenging parts of being a human. Yet, it can set you free on a fundamental level. As you inspect your innermost feelings and thoughts about these matters, you'll start developing a language to express them.

And once you understand that language, you'll be able to change and rewire your thoughts about things that matter in life.

Mindset Change #3. Define Your Relationship With Yourself

Most people view life through only two or three areas that include their careers, love life, and perhaps their body. Friendships can come as the fourth area, but the viewpoint remains quite limited even in that case. 

You can certainly become a functional member of society with only these aspects of life on your mind. However, attaining happiness or the feeling of success will require a more thorough approach.

We build a relationship with ourselves when we focus on particular areas of life. But if we limit our outlook, the same will happen with that relationship. It will become too narrow and ill-defined. The mindset change needed to enrich and improve your relationship with yourself is breaking out of your box. 

Any number of things can condition us to pay less and less attention to our psychological and emotional well-being. Those are the limiting factors when it comes to getting to know yourself.

The primary technique that you can use to improve your relationship with yourself is self-talk. Make a habit out of having conversations with yourself about things that hold value in your life. Ask yourself what your attitude towards different things would be if you alone had a say in it.

Doing this will help you establish a more intimate relationship with yourself. It might sound odd, but that relationship doesn't always come naturally.

Get to Know Yourself

Personal challenges are a subject often overlooked when talking about success. Yet, there's no other factor that has such an immediate effect on your career, relationships, interests, and all other areas of life.

Developing a good mindset can lead to better choices, higher confidence, and a generally more proactive approach to life. Among other things, it can be the most potent tool for improving your professional efforts. 

Your mindset is the key to unlocking the potential of your bookkeeping business, from its structure to making sales.

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