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The Successful Bookkeeper's journey is a challenging one...

The moment you declare yourself as a small business owner, obstacles will find you and test you over and over again.

It’s just the way entrepreneurship works.

To be a Successful bookkeeper, you'll need courage, perseverance, talent, resourcefulness and patience.

But, not everyone will achieve that level.


Many give up long before they realize their potential.

In this book, you'll discover an inspiring story of someone who made it and changed the lives of thousands of bookkeepers across the world despite enduring many pitfalls.

Australian-born bookkeeper, Debbie Roberts was told for years to dive into her own practice.

She finally did and found nothing but heartache, stress and pain at every corner.

From hiring the wrong people which cost her clients to having a lack of systems to handle her constant workload, it all contributed to Debbie's struggles.

Then, she met her business coach, Peter Cook which ultimately led her to creating a high 6-figure bookkeeping business.

Her life changed forever.

Using Debbie's uplifting success story as a model, you'll learn...

  • How to create rock solid goals and an action plan to achieve them
  • How to leverage your challenges for greater success
  • The 10 mistakes most bookkeepers are making and how you can avoid them 

This is just a small sample of what's in store for you.

So, if you're looking for an inspiring guide with practical strategies and exercises to both help you believe you can succeed, and actually show you how to do it then The Successful Bookkeeper is the ultimate MUST read for you!