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While You Wait Check OUt this Great Offer


As you know, when we launched our podcast alongside the publishing of The Successful Bookkeeper Book we ran a promotion mailing out the book for free to our first listeners as a thank you.

The responses of appreciation have been so great that I just don't want to stop the promotion.

But, yes there is a but, while it's free for you to get a copy of The Successful Bookkeeper in the mail, it does cost us quite a bit to do this.

The book sells for $24.95 plus shipping. So for some of you far reaching people this can get pretty expensive.

You're probably thinking....”Michael, What's the catch. Why are you doing this?”

It's simple, we do it because we know the book will make a difference for you and someday you might choose to work with us and that will make a difference for us.

But we still have to pay for this.

So I came up with another crazy idea that hopefully you'll love to.

To help us cover the cost of doing this we put together this fantastic offer for those bookkeepers that want to jump right into growing their business.

We have a program for growing your bookkeeping business that we normally sell for $297. When you add up everything in the bundle it's worth over $1000. 

You can have it for $99.

That will help us cover the cost of shipping out these books and you'll get an incredible program to help you build your business.

To learn more about The 7 Secrets of Growing Your Bookkeeping Business Program click below.  The $99 offer will be in your email box and will be good for 4 days to give you time to think about it.

p.s. If you think this offer is for you, I recommend you do it now. I know life is busy and if you leave it until later you will likely forget and this really is a great offer.