“You cannot cut your way to greatness.”

-Mark Wickersham

Knowing your worth and setting prices that reflect that can be extremely challenging. Every new client you take on at the wrong price will...

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“I don’t have to take this client. I get to choose who I want to work with. And who is going to be a good fit for my business.”

-Beth Blaney

We all want to build a better life for ourselves, one that...

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“These systems allow us to be better for our clients. Let’s do it different, let’s do it better!”

-Emily Tarney

Innovation can be challenging in the short term, but so worth it when you start to see...

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“Does it need to be done right or does it need to be done by you?”

-Jamie Van Cuyk

Imagine what you might be able to accomplish if you surrounded yourself with the right people.

Learning to let go of...

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“We are their shields and protectors.”

-Janet Mercredi

By putting the right systems in place, financial security, fun and freedom are natural results.

When you connect with others and learn to be...

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Networking and sales.

For any introverted bookkeeper, those two things can sound daunting and terrifying.

This week’s guest understands that because he’s an introvert too, but he didn’t let that stop...

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Welcome to 2022!

We hope you had a great holiday season.

This week we are revisiting our awesome panel of bookkeepers for part two of our Year-In-Review!

We are joined by a terrific bookkeeping panel...

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With 2022 right around the corner, it is time to reflect on what we have learned this year and plan for the year ahead.

We are joined by an amazing bookkeeping panel who recount their biggest...

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What makes a great leader?

Yes, there are many traits including when someone desires and is committed to making a positive impact in her organization.

Our guest knows something about this.


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The power of realizing that you are enough.

That mindset shift is profoundly powerful & can enable incredible growth in your business. Leveraging the support of coaches or mentors can help you begin...

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