“I can’t care about all of these other people, and I can’t care about what I care about in this world if I’m not okay to contribute.”

-Dr. Arin Reeves

We have all dealt with bad clients, most of us...

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“When you surround yourself with people that are either on their way to where you want to go, or are at where you want to go, you’re going to get there, because they’ve done it.”

–Lisa Campbell


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“My work enables my clients to do the things, only they can do.”

-Bonnie Low-Kramen

Great bookkeepers have a service heart. Their desire to serve others drives them. They are not interested in being...

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“You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your question, just go out and ask, because people really want to help each other.”

-Anita Koimur

Adapting early to innovation can be a challenge. It can be easy to...

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“It’s been a great partnership and it’s allowed us to grow in a lot of different ways.”

-Lynda Artesani

Partnerships can be really challenging. That’s why it is so important to find people that can...

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“Don’t look at what’s the bare minimum you should be doing, look at what’s the furthest you can push yourself.”

-Daniel Breez

Starting a new bookkeeping business or growing an existing one can be a...

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“My goal is to never be so proud that I think that I can stop learning.”

-Paige Hulse

Having the knowledge and knowing what to do with it are two very different things. Whether you are just starting...

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“If I can’t find it myself, I guess I’ll just create it!”

-Jessica Hearsey

Logging in online or heading to an office everyday where you don’t feel valued can be very demoralizing. It is tough to get...

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“If you put five bookkeepers in a room, and give them the same set of books, you’re going to come out with five different ways of doing things.”

-Jenn Green

Life isn’t always smooth sailing. We will...

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“Uncommon services command uncommon prices.”

–Ron Baker

Building relationships with our clients can be complicated. It can be really tempting to measure success by the number of clients or billable...

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