EP86: Cindy Stradling - The Key Ingredients To Lasting Resilience

TSBK - Episode 86 - Cindy Stradling.png

Our guest, Cindy Stradling, who is a resilience coach, has faced many difficult life challenges as a single mother with very little education and has developed the mental fortitude to keep going no matter what.

In getting from there to here, Cindy has shined shoes, waited tables, cleaned houses and was a parking lot attendant while building her business. 

Undeniably, she knows firsthand what resilience is.

She has developed it through her journey and has developed a program, Thrive, to inspire others to be their personal best and keep moving toward their goals.

If you set your mindset right and have discipline, you can be successful at whatever you want to do in life.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • The importance of knowing your goals and objectives
  • How the value of consistent approach will help you 
  • What are the keys to overcoming the fear of cold calls and sales

To learn more about Cindy Stradling, visit here.

For her LinkedIn page, click here.

For her Facebook, check this out.

For her Twitter, discover here.

For her Youtube channel, watch here.

To get in touch with Cindy, Email her at cindy@cindystradling.com.

EP85: Tobyn Pearson - How To Become An Incredible Manager & Leader

REVISED - TSBK - Episode 85 - Tobyn Pearson.png


After spending 31 years in the corporate world as an operations and country manager, our guest, Tobyn Pearson, the author of Manage This: An interactive Guide to Management and Other Absurdities, had success and many failures.

He learned that it's not always easy to see your grumpiest employees or customers. 

Treat them with respect no matter who they are and keep working on building relationships because in the end they will see that you genuinely care and your efforts will pay off.

It makes life a whole lot easier if you're able to deal with difficult people and situations along the way.

All of his successes are directly attributed to the great people he had the privilege of working with over the years.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • The importance of having courage in yourself and your abilities
  • Why having an incredible insights will help you along the way
  • How appreciating your employees and customers will benefit you

To learn more about Tobyn, visit here.

For his LinkedIn page, discover here.

For his Twitter, explore here.

To buy his book, Manage This!, click here.

EP84: Andrew Royer - Improve Your Productivity & Work-Life Balance

TSBK - Episode 84 - Andrew Royer.png

Running a bookkeeping business is not easy.

You will encounter many changes, so that’s why you have to create new habits to stay on top of your game.

Andrew Royer, owner of Royer Accounting, has dealt with stress and frustration while building his company. To help him overcome his struggles, he was looking for support and inspiration from like-minded people then he found it by joining a mastermind group.

By learning new ideas from different people, he was able to implement successful strategies to make himself more productive and efficient without sacrificing time with his family.

Even creating a shorter to-do list that focuses on the most important things to accomplish in his day became a big game-changer.

Now, he feels recharged and happy every time he gets home to his wife and kids. 

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • The importance of focusing on what's more important
  • Why changing your habits will make your bookkeeping business more successful
  • Why joining a community will give you support and inspiration

To learn more about Royer Accounting, visit here.

For his Facebook page, click here.

For his LinkedIn, explore here.

EP83: Louie Prosperi - Why You Should Consider The Proactive Business Bookkeeping Model

UPDATE #2 - TSBK - Episode 83 - Louie Prosperi.png

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers USA (ICB USA).

It promotes and maintains the standards of American bookkeeping as a profession through the establishment of relevant qualifications and the award of grades of membership that recognize academic attainment, working experience and competence.

Our return guest, Louie Prosperi is the CEO of ICBUSA and his organization is helping its members by introducing The Proactive Business Bookkeeping Model to improve their success.

It's a program that ensures bookkeepers are consistently valuable to their clients and are running their businesses more efficiently.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • What are the 3 pillars of The Proactive Business Bookkeeping Model
  • The importance of having a 100% capacity to be successful
  • Focusing on what to do with your system and technology

To learn more about ICBUSA, visit here.

For ICBUSA's Facebook page, click here.

For its Facebook closed group, explore here.

For Louie Prosperi's Twitter, discover here.

EP82: Sharon Francisco - How To Sell Without Being Salesy

TSBK - Episode 82 - Sharon Francisco.png

Lack of confidence.

Some bookkeepers don't believe they are good enough to close a deal or get a sale.

According to Sharon Francisco, who used the Pure Bookkeeping System to increase the success of her bookkeeping business and is making her return appearance on our show, you need to find strategies that will give you confidence and take the pressure off of you so you can make the focus all about your clients. 

Having a 90-day plan and building a relationship with customers are key to gaining their trust and will make things easier for you.

Be patient.

If you want to grow your business, you have to understand it doesn't happen overnight.

It takes time.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • The importance of creating your own style 
  • Why focusing on having a plan will increase the demand for your service
  • Why eliminating negative and unhealthy stress can put you in a great position

To read Sharon's blog post, How To Sell Without Being Salesy, visit here.  

To check out Sharon's checklist, go to this link

To see her LinkedIn page, explore here.

To check out her previous Successful Bookkeeper podcast episode, listen now

EP81: Amanda Birch – How Fixed Pricing Worked For Me

Update - TSBK - Episode 81 - Amanda Birch.png

Charge an hourly or fixed rate?

It's a decision many bookkeepers, who are business owners, have pondered at one point or another.

Our guest, Amanda Birch, the President of Birch Accounting & Tax Services, was one of them until she figured out fixed pricing was the way to go.

For her, fixed pricing made sense because it is offered upfront so that clients would know exactly what they're paying for, whether it be bookkeeping or taxes, so they would not end up with a surprise bill at the end.

That decision has worked well.

Amanda's business continues to provide value while her customers have reaped the benefits.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • How to optimize bookkeeping in real time with online applications
  • How to provide cloud and desktop accounting solutions to your customers
  • How to use a secure encrypted portal for your customers' tax return information 

To learn more about Birch Accounting & Tax Services, visit here

For Amanda's LinkedIn page, click here.

For her Facebook, discover here.

To get in touch with Amanda, email her at amanda@birchaccounting.ca.

EP80: Kellie Parks – Choosing The Perfect Technology For Your Bookkeeping Business

TSBK - Episode 80 - Kellie Parks.png


It improves efficiency for your accounting and bookkeeping business.

Our guest, Kellie Parks, a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Financial Technology Expert, is a relentless organizer and believes cloud financial technology is the key to organization.

While running her business, Calmwaters Cloud Accounting, she spends much of her days educating accounting firms and small to medium-sized businesses, but she loves taking care of her clients' day-to-day accounting needs.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Different financial technology that will help your bookkeeping business
  • How Cloud Financial Technology makes it possible for you to enjoy working from different countries
  • How technology can maintain your training and bookkeeping business seamlessly

To learn more about Calmwaters Cloud Accounting, visit here

For Kellie's Facebook page, go here.

For her Twitter, explore here.

To get in touch with Kellie, email her at kellie@calmwaters.ca.

EP79: Joe Woodard - How To Become A Top Small Business Advisor

TSBK - Episode 79 - Joe Woodard.png

What impact do you have on your clients?

Woodard exists to transform small business advisors to radically impact the way small businesses operate.

Each business unit of Woodard serves to educate, support, and connect accounting professionals throughout North America and, increasingly, the world.

It is led by Joe Woodard, CEO and Founder of Woodard Consulting and Woodard Events.

He was recognized by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Influential People within the accounting profession in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

In 2008, he was recognized by CPA Practice Advisor as one of the Top 40 Up and Coming Thought Leaders under the age of 40.

Today, he has trained over 100,000 accounting and business professionals in the area of practiced developments, changing technology trends, strategic consulting and how to maximize the use of accounting software in their practices.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance and role of using adaptive capacity
  • Tips on how bookkeepers can turn things around in their businesses
  • Why picking the right people you surround yourself with will help your business

To learn more about Woodard, visit here

For Joe's LinkedIn page, click here.

For his Facebook page, go here.

For his Twitter, explore here.

For his Youtube Channel, discover here.


Here are some Woodard Resources.

a) www.woodard.tv – On demand videos including interviews with thought leaders and segments of our main stage presentations from Scaling New Heights 2017

b) www.woodard.com/techmakeover - Our video case study produced in a reality TV format that details the impact deployed technology innovations on small businesses.

c) www.scalingnewheights.com – the annual Scaling New Heights conference for small business advisors

Steps to Implement Fixed Fee and Value Pricing Models in Your Practice (See below)

Fixed Fee Pricing

Step 1: Determine your cost to deliver a specific service or slate of services. Clearly defined scope is key.
Step 2: Determine the price needed so your firm has the desired margin.
Step 3: On a regular basis, monitor the costs you incur.
Step 4: Periodically adjust the fixed fee price to maintain target margins

Pricing Based on Value (i.e. Value Pricing)

Step 1: Discover what your client values (i.e. how are you the solution to their problem?)
Step 2: Find a way to leverage your knowledge to create generate that solution
Step 3: Communicate (and if necessary educate) the client on the connection between your knowledge and their solution
Step 4: Set the price according to the wealth your solution generates*
Step 5: Connect the knowledge you provide the client to the wealth you created for the client (post engagement or engagement phase)

*Note: Wealth is not always financial. It could be advancements in the clients scalability, infrastructure, peace of mind, company culture, quality of services delivered, etc.




EP78: Keri Gohman - How Xero Can Help Your Business Become More Efficient

TSBK - Episode 78 - Keri Gohman.png

Small businesses.

It’s the heart of the global economy.

Our guest, Keri Gohman, President of Xero Americas, is passionate about helping small businesses grow and thrive by enabling entrepreneurs to work toward their financial goals.

For bookkeepers, Xero automates many basic functions allowing you to do tasks quickly and easily while maximizing your time, build relationships with your clients and have instant growth results.

Xero is helping over 1 million subscribers worldwide transform the way they do business and they’re just getting started.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of bringing together the “Financial Web” for business success
  • Tips on how to grow your clients, team and profits
  • How being a trusted advisor will attract great people 

To learn more about Xero, visit this link.

To sign up for a 30-day free trial, click here.

For Keri's LinkedIn page, explore here.

For her Twitter, discover here.

EP77: Seth David - How Social Networking Can Boost Your Marketing

TSBK - Episode 77 - Seth David.png




These are some of the applications that are out there and within reach to streamline your business and make it grow.

Seth David, Chief nerd and President of Nerd Enterprises, Inc., built his company through his confidence of making training videos which created a powerful online lead generation engine that has people calling him for his services.

Today, Nerd Enterprises, Inc. is one of the leaders in the small business accounting world in online training by offering courses on a wide range of software products.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of producing great content marketing
  • Step-by-step actions on how to manage your business and gain more profit
  • Tips on how to network more effectively

To learn more about his website, visit here.

For his LinkedIn, click here.

For his Facebook page, click this link.

For his Twitter, explore here.

For his Google+, discover here.

For his Youtube channel, check this out.

EP76: Nicole Feliciano - How To Balance Your Bookkeeping Business & Family Life

TSBK - Episode 76 - Nicole Feliciano.png

We all need balance in our lives and she perfected it.

Our guest, renowned publisher, founder & CEO of MomTrends, Nicole Feliciano, did this by understanding her priorities, taking action and making mindset changes that would alter her life for the better.

It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

Work-life balance is possible and you're about to find out some tips to help make it a reality.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How to balance your entrepreneurship, family and success
  • Powerful tips in making your bookkeeping clients satisfied
  • How to have a successful bookkeeper and client relationship

To learn more about Mom Trends, visit here

For her Facebook page, click here.

For her Twitter account, discover here.

For her LinkedIn page, check this out.

For her Instagram, explore here.

For her Pinterest, go here.

EP75: Karine Woodman - How To Be the Firm Of The Future

TSBK - Episode 75 - Karine Woodman.png

Focus and confidence.

Those are the keys to attain success and become the Intuit Firm of the Future Global Winner.

According to our guest, Karine Woodman, who is the owner of 24hr Bookkeeper, putting everything into experience will help bookkeepers avoid costly mistakes.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Effective tips in marketing, hiring & training Staff
  • How to develop from desktop to QuickBooks
  • How to build internal structures that are a company structure and not a customer facing structure

To learn more about 24hr Bookkeeper, visit here

For her Facebook page, check this out.

For her Twitter account, discover here.

For her LinkedIn page, click here.

EP74: Alexis Prenn - How Productivity Manifesto Makes Your Business More Profitable

TSBK - Episode 74 - Alexis Prenn.png

Productivity, Production & Profitability.

They play an important role to a successful bookkeeping business.

According to our guest, co-founder & CEO of Receipt Bank, Alexis Prenn, bookkeeping should be a very profitable business and Productivity Manifesto explains how you can make this a reality.

Productivity Manifesto will help you learn how focusing on one key ratio can be the foundation for building a productive, profitable, and scalable bookkeeping business that’s ready for the future.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of productivity in industrial scale
  • How technology can help clients and “wow” them
  • How technology can assist your staff and benefit them

To find out more about Alexis & Receipt Bank, click here.

To check out Alexis' previous episode, listen here

To download his Manifesto, click here

For his LinkedIn page, go here.

To check out his Twitter, discover here.

EP73: Ben Robinson - The Bookkeeping Answers You've Been Searching For

TSBK - Episode 73 - Ben Robinson.png


It's a powerful tool in bringing together like-minded people to create supportive communities.

That's what we have with The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook group.

It's filled with great bookkeepers who are always willing to help each other.

Recently, we mentioned to them that Ben Robinson, the founder and chief teacher at the Bookkeeper Business Launch program, would be returning to our podcast.

So, we asked them to pass along any questions.

Ben was more than happy to answer and deliver incredible insight.

During this informative interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of finding a support network that will guide you through your business
  • What are the four pillars in launching a successful bookkeeping business
  • What is the best marketing strategy for home-based companies

To find out more about Ben, visit LearnToBeABookkeeper.com.

For his LinkedIn page, go here.

To find him on Facebook, visit this link.

To check out his previous Successful Bookkeeper podcast episode, listen here.

To join The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook group, click here.

EP72: Scott Zarret - How CPA Academy Can Help Your Bookkeeping Business

TSBK - Episode 72 - Scott Zarret.png


Everybody loves the sound of that.

CPAacademy.org offers a free, easy-to-use platform for knowledge sharing and idea exchange through the marketing and presenting of the most up-to-date educational content and developments important to the accounting profession.

According to our guest, CPAacademy.org President, Scott Zarret, his website isn't just for accountants, but bookkeepers can also receive great value by consuming its online courses and live webinars.

To stay ahead of the game, it's important to have a continuous thirst for knowledge, so that's why a useful resource like CPAacademy.org can definitely be an asset as you grow your business.

During this interview, you will discover...

  • What to look for at CPAacademy.org and where's the best place to start for bookkeepers
  • The advantages of a continuous learning culture
  • Why getting out of your comfort zone and figuring out your goals will lead you to success

To learn more about Scott's website, visit here.

To read his story, click here.

To watch his video, check this out.

To reach out to him, email Scott@cpaacademy.org.

EP71: Omar Visram - How Coffee Meetings Lead To Business Referrals

TSBK - Episode 71 - Omar Visram.png

Do you want clients?

For those bookkeeping businesses that do, especially startups, it can be challenging to find them.

Many bookkeepers aren't comfortable with prospecting because they'd rather just do the books.

According to our guest, Omar Visram, who is the co-founder of Enkel which is a Vancouver-based bookkeeping practice, it doesn't have to be hard.

When he began his business in 2016, he leveraged the power of coffee meetings for business referrals and it worked incredibly well.

It was such a hit, his firm now has over 15 employees to handle the increased workload.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to master an effective coffee meeting to produce results and not feel uncomfortable while doing it
  • Why you should use your warm network to select people you'd like to meet
  • Why coffee meetings are a quicker referral strategy then SEO and content marketing

To learn more about Omar and his firm, visit this link.

To read his LinkedIn article, “Why I Quit My Dream Job”, click here.

EP70: Sharon Francisco - How To Set Yourself Up To Win Every Day

TSBK - Episode 70 - Sharon Francisco.jpg

It's all about your perspective.

If you think it's going to be a bad day, chances are it will.

You're in control of your attitude and mood.

You set the tone.

Many of us forget that.

According to business mentor, Sharon Francisco, who used the Pure Bookkeeping System to skyrocket the success of her bookkeeping business, you have to start your day right.

Since many bookkeepers are operating solo, it's hard for them to be their own champions.

Negative thoughts and doubts always seem to find a way into their minds.

There are ways to break those mental cycles and become the confident and successful bookkeeper you are capable of being.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of using your first hour of the day to be inspired & filled with positivity
  • Why it's okay to make mistakes and not beat yourself up over them
  • Why you should have a clear idea of what you do and don't want in 6 main life categories

To learn more about Sharon, visit this link.

To view Sharon's goal planning guide, sign up for our Free Resources below then look for the title of this podcast episode then click on it for access.

EP69: Debbie Roberts - How To Set Goals For A Profitable New Year

TSBK - Episode 69 - Debbie Roberts.png

Are you THAT bookkeeper?

You know, the one that tells her clients to set business goals for the year, but she, herself, doesn't set any?

Our guest, Pure Bookkeeping co-founder, Debbie Roberts has chatted with bookkeepers like that.

She's discovered that if you don't take the time to set goals, you'll wander aimlessly without achieving what you'd like.

Don't begin a fresh year like that.

Instead, listen to Debbie as she will help get you on track by discussing...

  • The importance of setting 12 month, 3 year and 5 year goals
  • Why KPI reports are crucial to tracking your success
  • Why you should have an accountability partner during your business journey

To learn more about Pure Bookkeeping, visit this link.

To view Deb's KPI report/spreadsheet template, go here.

To ask Debbie questions in The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook group, join here.

To buy the E-Myth Bookkeeper, click this link.

EP68: Scott Friesen - 5 Productivity Apps That Organize & Save Your Time

TSBK - Episode 68 - Scott Friesen.png


It's a precious resource.

Yes, if you lose money, you can make it back, but once your time is used, it'll never return.

With this in mind, our guest, Scott Friesen, who is a productivity expert, will help you better organize your time by introducing us to some great tools.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The power of Asana, Slack and Trello when it comes to project management and communication
  • Why note-taking apps such as Evernote and Google Keep can help you store your ideas and give your overworked brain a break
  • Why the Pomodoro Technique could be a time management strategy that changes your business life forever

To find out more about Scott and his company, Simpletivity, click here.

To watch Scott's productivity videos, visit his YouTube channel at this link.

EP67: Jeremy Allen - Your Clients' Success Is Your Success

TSBK - Episode 67 - Jeremy Allen.png

Why do you do what you do?

Do you run a bookkeeping business only because it makes money?

Is there deeper meaning?

Our guest, Jeremy Allen, who owns System Six Bookkeeping which generates over a million dollars per year, has his own answer.

The core value for his company is “Our Clients' Success Is Our Success.”

At the end of the day, it's about assisting businesses to become as healthy as possible so they can flourish which ultimately helps our economy, feeds families and provides the quality of life you'd like.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of putting your clients first & committing to excellence with your bookkeeping services
  • How to avoid being full up with the wrong clients by raising your prices
  • Why you should always strive to improve and never rest on your success

To find out more about Jeremy, click here.

EP66: Ron Trucks - The Power Of Online Learning For Your Bookkeeping Clients

TSBK - Episode 66 - Ron Trucks.png


Have you heard of it?

It's an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 55,000 courses and 15 million students.

Recently, on The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook page, we noticed today's guest, Ron Trucks of RJT Consulting, posted a link to his Udemy course, Bookkeeping Basics, which received incredible engagement from our community.

The course is 3 1/2 hours long and features 55 video lessons.

Originally it was for people from non-bookkeeping backgrounds such as small business owners.

So, why would established bookkeepers want to invest in a course that is mainly for beginners?

You're about to find out.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How this course helps bookkeepers teach their clients bookkeeping fundamentals
  • Why giving the gift of online education can make a great impression with customers
  • Why it's important to communicate bookkeeping terms in a way your clients can understand

To find out more about Ron, click here.

To use The Successful Bookkeeper discount for Ron's Bookkeeping Basics course, visit this link.

EP65: Carrie Mulrooney - How To Create A Great Bookkeeping Work Culture

Episode 65 - TSBK - Carrie Mulrooney.jpg

Bad hires.

As you probably know, they can be an emotionally, financially and psychologically expensive decision for your bookkeeping business.

If you don't have the RIGHT people working for you, you'll be inviting a storm of trouble.

This is why it's absolutely crucial to bring employees on that are a fit.

How do you do that?

Today's guest, Carrie Mulrooney has some insight.

She is an expert in establishing great work culture.

Her company, Mulrooney & Associates, was named Canada's 2017 Bookkeeping firm of the year, so she knows what it takes to form a fantastic team.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The ingredients to look for in a terrific employee
  • The importance of staff having input on company decisions
  • Why celebrating group accomplishments together is great for morale

To find out more about Carrie, click here.

EP64: Alexis Prenn - How Receipt Bank Can Help You Provide A Better Client Experience

TSBK - Episode 64 - Alexis Prenn.jpg


If your systems regarding it aren't great, your whole bookkeeping business suffers.

Today, there are plenty of tools in the marketplace that help heal this pain point, but today we'll focus on one - Receipt Bank.

What is it?

Receipt Bank extracts the key information from your clients' bills, receipts and invoices, removing the need for manual data entry. It then allows you to publish this data directly to their accounting software.

During this interview, our guest, Alexis Prenn, who is Receipt Bank's Co-Founder & CEO, will discuss...

  • How Receipt Bank can help you deliver an awesome client experience
  • Why you should always think of how workflow tools will ultimately result in giving customers value
  •  The importance of reviewing your clients' files at least 2 times a week

To find out more about Receipt Bank, click here.

EP63: Rachel Fisch - Take Control Of Your Bookkeeping Client Relationships

TSBK - Episode 63 - Rachel Fisch.png

Over 30,000 bookkeepers.

According to the Canadian Revenue Agency, that's how many there are in the Great White North.

You can only imagine what the number is in the United States.

But, here's the thing, many bookkeepers across North America haven't taken leadership with their client relationships.

Many choose to “fit in” by adapting to the software and workflows their customers currently have as opposed to letting the clients know how they want the working relationship to operate.

According to Rachel Fisch, Accountants Group Leader at Sage Canada, the reason is bookkeepers are at odds with saying NO. They're kind people and problem solvers. They usually don't like conflict.

But today, it's important to remember one thing.

YOU have the choice to select the clients, software and workflows you want to work with.

Hopefully, this episode will help you realize that.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to help your clients see you as a valuable partner in their business success
  • How to identify when you have a terrific or horrible client
  • How to attract amazing customers through the use of a powerful spreadsheet exercise

To find out more about Rachel, click here.

To follow her on Twitter, here's the link.

To learn about the Sage One Certification Tour, go here.

To discover the Canadian Sage Advocates Facebook Group, visit here.

To let Rachel know about your client spreadsheet exercise results, you can chat with her in The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook Group by joining here.

EP62: Megan Goodall - Are You Afraid To Turn Away Bookkeeping Clients?

REVISED - Episode 62 - TSBK - Megan Goodall.png


It lives within many business owners who are struggling to make revenue.

When the panic heightens, they're likely to accept any clients that walk through the door.

But, here's the thing, not all of them are a fit.

In fact, by agreeing to help those bad apples, they sometimes end up costing you more in the long run.

So, why don't bookkeepers say NO more often?

Well, it's likely because of FEAR.

Many don't want to lose the income.

Our guest, Megan Goodall of Bastion Bookkeeping is the classic example of how you shouldn't let fear paralyze you when it comes to recruiting new clients.

She's realizing the magic formula is about knowing what you want your life and business to look like FIRST then finding the customers that will support your vision.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to create the standard you want for your ideal client
  • How to nurture good relationships with prospects in your local community
  • The power of having a business goal and chipping away at it every day

To find out more about Megan, click here.

To connect with her on LinkedIn, visit this link.

You can also email Megan at megan@bastionbookkeeping.com.

EP61: Hamed Abbasi - Why Plooto Is The Ultimate Business Payment Solution

TSBK - Episode 61 - Hamed Abbasi.png

55 percent.

According to our guest, Plooto Co-Founder & CEO, Hamed Abbasi, that's the percentage of North American businesses that still use cheques daily to make payments.

In today's advanced technological age, that's hard to believe.

Fortunately for bookkeepers, Plooto is a business-to-business payment management platform that makes things easier.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How Plooto works and why it's a powerful tool
  • How it can be used to teach and impress your bookkeeping clients
  • Its new features that will make it even more user friendly

To find out more about Plooto, click here.

To get your first 25 transactions for FREE, follow these steps:

1 - Sign up with a Plooto account at this link.

2 - Enter the promo code, PURE17 under "Settings."

3 - If you need help on any of the above, click this support article.


EP60: Ben Robinson - Let's Get Excited About The Future Of Your Bookkeeping Business

Episode 60 - TSBK - Ben Robinson.png

The robots are coming!

So what?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence has and will continue to take away some duties from bookkeepers, but according to our guest who is the founder and chief teacher at the Bookkeeper Business Launch program, the future is something to look forward to and not to be feared.

Ben Robinson has helped thousands of people start their own virtual bookkeeping businesses and along the way has realized relationship building with clients and becoming their trusted advisor will protect bookkeepers from the AI invasion.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Why you should call your clients once in awhile to check in on them with no business agenda to build deeper rapport
  • Why you should know the jobs, pains and gains of your ideal customers and use simple marketing methods to reach them
  • How you can go from pain to power by taking action despite your fears

To find out more about Ben, visit LearnToBeABookkeeper.com.

To check out the Bookkeeper Business Launch Facebook page, go here.

To buy the book, Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, click this link.

EP59: Debbie Roberts - Round 2! More Answers To Your Bookkeeping Questions!

TSBK - Episode 59 - Debbie Roberts.png

She's back!

After Pure Bookkeeping co-founder and E-Myth Bookkeeper co-author, Debbie Roberts did such a great job answering bookkeepers' questions in her previous appearance, she has returned to answer some more!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Her proven strategy to transition from a full-time job to running a bookkeeping business
  • The importance of having a powerful vision to power you through the hard times
  • Why being a part of a bookkeeping association is a wise investment

To ask Debbie questions in The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook group, join here.

To learn more about Pure Bookkeeping, visit this link.

EP58: Evelyn Jacks - Continuous Learning Will Keep Your Bookkeeping Business Alive

REVISED #2 - TSBK - Episode 58 - Evelyn Jacks.png


As you've heard, it's quickly taking over some bookkeeping duties and it doesn't appear to be slowing down.

However, there's a way to keep your business viable during these interesting times.

According to our guest, Evelyn Jacks, who is the founder and president of Knowledge Bureau which is Canada’s leading tax and financial services post-secondary educational institute for continuing professional development, you need to be a trusted advisor.

Artificial Intelligence can't replace the human touch of offering guidance to your clients.

To become a trusted advisor, you have to be on top of your education and always be learning, so you can utilize that insight.

During this informative interview, you'll also discover...

  • Why you should consider yourself as a Real Wealth Manager
  • Why you must have corporate and personal tax knowledge in your bookkeeping toolkit
  • The importance of taking the time to educate yourself on new industry trends and other relevant news

To find more about Evelyn & Knowledge Bureau, visit here.

EP57: Cheryl Knight - How To Scale Your Bookkeeping Business

Episode 57 - TSBK - Cheryl Knight.png

So, you want to grow your business to the next level?

As you probably guessed, it's not easy, but it can be done and there are many ways to get there.

For our guest, Cheryl Knight of the Balcatta, Australia-based, Carbon Bookkeeping, she partnered with others to form a mega firm where she runs her $1 million dollar business inside a $7 million dollar one.

It's a unique situation, but it's one that likely wouldn't have happened if she hadn't set up her business for success beforehand.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The power of documenting your business procedures and writing checklists to teach staff
  • The importance of being open to new ideas that could provide profitable opportunities
  • Why you should be adaptable to industry trends to always remain relevant and valuable to clients

To find out more about Cheryl, click here.

To learn about her bookkeeping firm, view this link.

To explore her training centre, go here.

You can also chat with her on The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook Group. You can join at this link.

To access the Pure Bookkeeping Business Blueprint, visit here.

EP56: Dorie Clark - How To Stand Out In A Competitive Bookkeeping Marketplace

REVISED - TSBK - Episode 56 - Dorie Clark.png

Bookkeepers are everywhere.

As a result, prospects have a lot of choice, so what makes you stand out?

Why should someone choose you over another bookkeeper?

Today's guest, Dorie Clark, who is a branding expert, author and speaker that has worked with Google, Microsoft & Yale University, feels you can get an advantage by becoming a recognized expert.

During this informative conversation, you'll learn...

  • Why you should take control of your narrative and personal brand
  • The three ingredients you'll need to broadcast your bookkeeping expertise to the world
  • Why you should always look for ways to bring client value and create additional revenue streams

To find out more about Dorie, click here.

To investigate the various resources she mentioned in this episode, visit these links:




To order her new book, Entrepreneurial You, go here.

EP55: Debbie Roberts - Answers To Your Bookkeeping Questions!

Episode 55 - Debbie Roberts.png


Pure Bookkeeping Co-Founder & E-Myth Bookkeeper Co-Author, Debbie Roberts has been in the bookkeeping industry a long time.

She's made every mistake possible, but learned from them and eventually documented all her wisdom into systems she would use to successfully run her bookkeeping business.

Today, she's on the podcast to answer YOUR questions!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why having a vision for your business impacts your future decisions
  • Why checklists can be a powerful way to keep your staff on track
  • Why bookkeeping startups should focus on one type of bookkeeping software

To ask Debbie questions in The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook group, join here.

To learn more about Pure Bookkeeping, visit this link.

To listen to the Lynne Moore Successful Bookkeeper episode mentioned, go here.

EP54: Tammy Christiansen - How To Empower & Appreciate Your Bookkeeping Staff

Episode 54 - TSBK - Tammy Christiansen.png

Let's face it.

Without your team members, you'd likely be drowning in client work right now.

But, fortunately, you have great people working with you that believe in you and your company and are providing terrific results.

Sometimes, though, things can get busy and, as a business owner, you might forget to let your staff know how grateful you are for their efforts.

It's important to acknowledge their excellence and help them grow in their roles.

Our guest, Tammy Christiansen of Aeble Business Services realizes this and has seen her business prosper as a result of taking care of her staff.

It truly does make a difference.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Why you should allow your staff to make some decisions to improve the business while you have the final say
  • Why you must encourage and support your team through good and bad times
  • Why you should consider investing in your staff by having them take courses & other educational opportunities

To learn more about Tammy, visit this link.

To find her on The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook Group, you can join here.

EP53: Amy Hooke - Why You Should Join A Bookkeeping Community

TSBK - Episode 53 - Amy Hooke.png

You don't need to be alone.

As a bookkeeper, it's pretty easy to isolate yourself especially if you're a solo practice working from home.

For some, they don't even realize how big of a community of bookkeepers there is in the world.

Our guest, a marketing and branding expert for bookkeepers, Amy Hooke had no idea.

In the early days of her bookkeeping business, she was too busy dealing with terrible clients to notice.

But, that all changed for the better.

Today, she's a part of a supportive group of bookkeepers that give her the confidence she never had before.

Being with these like-minded people definitely changed her world for the better.

Joining a bookkeeping community can do the same for you.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How fellow bookkeepers can point out the positives in you that you never knew you had
  • How a bookkeeping community can provide good advice when you're dealing with client issues
  • Why you should find ways to pay it forward to your bookkeeper friends

To learn more about Amy, go here.

To access her free "The Perfect Bookkeeper Website Training", click this link.

EP52: John Jantsch - How To Profitably Systemize Your Marketing

TSBK - Episode 52 - John Jantsch.png

Predictable and repeatable.

It might sound boring, but when it comes to creating systems, that's what you want in order to ensure you and your staff create the same positive result over and over again.

Your marketing is no different.

Today's guest, John Jantsch, the author of the popular book, Duct Tape Marketing, has some tips on how you can fine tune your marketing efforts.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The power of building a 90-day plan from your marketing strategy
  • Why it's important to know who your ideal clients are & what your core promise is to them
  • The importance of focus and delegation when creating your marketing system

To learn more about John, go here.

EP51: Debbie Roberts - How To Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Episode 51 - TSBK - Debbie Roberts.png

What if you fail?

That question has crossed the minds of many bookkeepers when first starting their businesses.

It's perfectly normal and it's something that our return guest, Debbie Roberts asked herself in the beginning.

She was concerned that if her bookkeeping services weren't good, her reputation would be damaged and that would affect her business. It scared her that, as a small business owner, she didn't have any backup.

Fortunately, for her and bookkeepers worldwide, the co-founder of Pure Bookkeeping and co-author of The E-Myth Bookkeeper overcame her fears and became a tremendous success.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why having small wins through bite-sizeable, manageable & planned actions can give you confidence
  • The importance of realizing your mind usually makes your concerns worse than what they seem
  • How the weaknesses in your personal life can hold you back in your business if you let them

To ask Debbie questions in The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook group, join here.

To learn more about Pure Bookkeeping, visit this link.

EP50: Siobhan Harrop-Scott - How To Create Great Relationships with Clients, Referrals & Staff

Are you introverted?

If so, you're not alone.

Many bookkeepers are.

But, what if there were ways to be more at ease around people and have win-win partnerships with them?

Today's guest, Siobhan Harrop-Scott of Harrop Scott & Associates Ltd., has some ideas that just might help.

Through her bookkeeping business, she's developed hundreds of connections and has become a terrific leader for her staff.

During this insightful interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of listening and taking notes when speaking with people and having a system to record that information for future meetings 
  • Why you must be supportive and consistent in your daily communication with your staff
  • Why building positive relationships are good for relieving stress

To learn more about Siobhan, visit here.

EP49: Katrina Aarsman - Why Facebook, LinkedIn & Joint Venturing Can Be Powerful Marketing Tools


How do they hear about your bookkeeping business?

Do you do in-person networking? Do you advertise in local media? Do you solely use referrals?

Our guest, Katrina Aarsman, who is from Melbourne, Australia and is the owner of Bookkeepers HQ where she mentors bookkeepers, has some strategies that you can add to your marketing basket.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How joining business-focused Facebook groups and providing value to those audiences can lead to sales
  • How using the LinkedIn advanced search engine can connect you with your ideal clients
  • How leveraging a joint venture referral partnership with someone you know, like and trust can become profitable

To learn more about Katrina, visit here

To check out her free resources, click this link

If you'd like to email her, you can do so at info@bookkeepershq.com.au.

EP48: Peter Broberg - The 5 Purchases That Can Transform Your Bookkeeping Business


For your bookkeeping business to be successful, you'll need to invest money into products, programs, systems and tools to ensure your operation has all the resources it needs to deliver great service to your clients.

This reality is one our guest, Peter Broberg of Monitor Bookkeeping Services based in Perth, Australia, accepted and has never looked back.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of buying a proven and pre-made system that allows you to focus on your business instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Why exploring fixed pricing can be a game-changer and who you should research to implement it properly
  • The importance of always looking for ways to automate your enterprise to increase its efficiency and productivity

To learn more about Peter, visit here.

For a 30 day free trial of Pricing In The Cloud, the sign-up code is VIPTrial30 & you can register at this link

To access the pricing videos regarding left hand digits and the power of 9 that were mentioned in this episode, the links are below:


To email Peter, send your note to peter@monitorbookkeeping.com.au.

EP47: Debbie Roberts - How To Overcome Your Fears & Grow Your Startup Bookkeeping Practice

Starting out is always scary.

There are so many unknowns which makes it incredibly easy to stay in your comfort zone and not take any chances.

Our special return guest today, the lovely and talented, Debbie Roberts of Pure Bookkeeping, remembers what those times were like.

Fortunately, with the help of her longtime business coach and co-founder of PB, Peter Cook, she overcame those fears and realized her true potential as a successful bookkeeping business owner.

For those of you who are just beginning your bookkeeping entrepreneurial journey, don't worry, Debbie is about to give you some golden tips to help you through the bumps.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • How to increase your confidence when speaking with accountants and prospects
  • The importance of leaning on qualified mentors to ask questions and advice to avoid mistakes
  • Why practice and preparation will always serve you well when marketing yourself to others

To learn more about Debbie & Pure Bookkeeping, visit here.

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