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Our guest, Adele Spraggon, who is the CEO of Shaped Within, struggled with a lot of subconscious patterns.

She quit 3 viable businesses, business partners, and sponsors. She even attended personal development programs to help her but didn't work out.

Adele started to journal and created a highly effective 4 step technique that removes unwanted patterns.

She created her own solution and it completely changed her life.

Today, she speaks to hundreds of people about how to recognize when they are sabotaging their dreams. 

She also shows women entrepreneurs how to break through their limiting blocks and step into leadership roles in all areas of life.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of embracing being uncomfortable

  • How the 4 step technique works

  • The guides that will help you take on leadership roles

To learn more about Adele, visit here.

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