EP91: Jennifer Blake - Why Emotional Fitness Will Help You Win In Life & Business




These are some of the examples that may affect your emotional health and day-to-day living.Jennifer Blake, founder and owner of Blake Consulting, helps entrepreneurs shift their emotional health incrementally everyday so they can focus on growing their business and improving their lives.

Since she was 14 years old, she began helping, facilitating and volunteering in workshops. It was always her passion to make a difference in people's lives. 

Most recently, she became the Director and Co-Owner of the Hoffman Institute of Canada which facilitates The Hoffman Process, a life-changing 7 day residential self-development program that helps people release the limiting patterns they learned in their childhood and lead their lives with choice, empowerment and passion.

Today, Jennifer guides entrepreneurs to focus on finding a deeper sense of happiness, fulfillment and passion in all areas and facets of their lives.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of getting the support from the people around you

  • How taking care of yourself will bring you balance

  • What the steps are to emotional fitness

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To get in touch with Jennifer, email her at Jennifer@blakeconsulting.ca.


Michael Palmer: 01:24 Welcome back to The Successful Bookkeeper podcast. I am your host, Michael Palmer, and today's show is going to be a terrific one. Our guest is an emotional healing specialist who helps entrepreneurs shift their emotional health incrementally every day so that they can focus on growing their business and improving their lives. Jennifer Blake, welcome to the podcast.

Jennifer Blake: 01:47 Oh, thank you very much, Michael. It is my absolute pleasure to be here.

MP: 01:51 Well, thank you so much for giving us your time and I'm so excited about this episode. Did to really help our listeners shift incrementally every day. Sounds exciting. But before we get into all of that, Jennifer, please tell us a little bit about you and what brought you to being Jennifer Blake today.

JB: 02:10 Oh, thank you, Michael. Uh, my, my back story is I've, I've always wanted to make a difference in people's lives. And so ever since I was a child, I began helping, uh, facilitating, preventing, doing workshops. And in fact, at 14, I was volunteering and creating workshops for, uh, for youth that are still actually running here in Ottawa at the YMC today. So my, my desire and my goal to help people incrementally shifting their lives. They didn't know it in that kind of mature language at the time, but my heart was always in it. So then I moved into a venture of helping people in the employment realm and doing career counseling and doing workshops that took me right across Canada and North America doing presentations. And I, in that time I, a program called the Hoffman process that literally shifted my life and at a very, very deep, profound level.

JB: 03:06 And so what I ended up doing was finding that this was going to be my path. So quanti 20 years ago, I took off a process. 17 years ago I became a Hoffman teacher. And for the last 17 years, I have worked in the emotional healing area. I've worked with thousands of people and help them at those profound and deep levels in their lives, coming through trauma, coming into happiness, joy, and relief. And through that I really realized that I love working with entrepreneurs because I myself am one, my husband is one. My parents were one. And I truly understand the, the um, the piece, the stresses, the balance that goes into working on your own, possibly working from your home and managing and balancing a life. I have three children, three beautiful boys, 10, seven and four. I keep me very busy. And throughout all of this on my journey, I realized that, you know what? It's actually the incremental shifts, the pieces that I can act every single day in my choices that make the large difference. And so recently I have relaunched the lake consulting and I am out helping entrepreneurs, helping people shift and make these changes in their life that is simple, real and doable.

MP: 04:32 Absolutely love, love, love, love it. And of course, this is where it really got to know you was I was one of your students in the Hoffman process and I concur. A wonderful program changed my life for the better. I fell in love with myself and I felt, fell in love with the people around me and it just enriched my life. So thank you for that. And it's so wonderful to see you now, uh, helping people. On a much grander scale and entrepreneurs because anybody who's helping entrepreneurs, our friends are the successful bookkeeper, podcast and all of our audience absolutely tipping their hat for you as well, Jennifer. And you know what I love about this topic is that the business isn't really that complicated. It's the humans that complicated.

JB: 05:22 Well said.

MP 05:23 All right. And so anything we can do to take out the complication of being a human being, I think it's just going to make business so much more fun.

JB: 05:32 Well, and that really is that the piece, I think what you're talking about is even the nature of how I help people in the coaching and the programs that I got, I facilitate and the retreats that I facilitate is, let's keep it simple. We as humans, we have a tendency to overthink. We try to overanalyze, do, do too much worry, concern, try to balance. And whenever we take a look at ourselves, we'll never measure up to our own expectations. So if you can imagine taking that kind of high stress that we as human beings put place on ourselves and of course there's such a collective stress that you know, to do more, be more, be the best at, and then we bring that high stress into our businesses. Or already we've created like a pressure cooker situation where it's not allowing us to be as productive as healthy and emotionally healthy as we can, which then of course improve the emotional health of the, of our businesses.

MP: 06:29 Yeah, I like to call it the magic, you know, it's one things or there's places in business when, when all of that stress and it's let go that the magic of business and really the magic of life can actually kick in and it's like, wow, that's cool that just happened. How did that happen? I don't know. It almost like magic, right? When we're all bound up and worried and stressed, there's no opportunity for creativity. There is no opportunity for the real powerful, massive, you know, exponential multiplier effects of our wonderful brain that we have here waiting for us to use. That's why I think so many people are walking around stressed and, and caught up in just the daily grind of life.

JB: 07:15 And that's what we see. You know, I mean I for years and years, if you remember I was sharing that I worked with in the employment-related field and there was this seem that we could separate. Okay. And also I have a uh, a background in psychology. So I have two degrees in neuropsychology. One can kinesiology. So I know the mind, the body very well. And there was a theory a long time ago that said that we could separate, you know, and there was all these meditations you could do when you stepped out of your job, you could sort of unzip your suit and then step into your role at home or in your extracurricular life. And yet, unfortunately, that theory does not hold as as well as it as it should because we are one, we are absolutely one. And that magic that you're talking about, Michael, is very possible, but it starts on the inner level.

JB: 08:04 We can't expect it to be there in the outside world, meaning in our life, our work, our jobs, our family. If we are not cultivating it on the inside first. So it's really quite a simple step to start there. But it literally all comes back to you and with the focus being back on yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else. So actually you already know what to do with yourself, but it's through support and podcasts like your yours, Michael, and your programs and, and the ways that people can seek, um, the support of others that helps us realize, Oh yes, yes, I do have the answers in here, but how do I find them? How do I do this on a daily basis? How do I get through, like you said, all of the noise out there to find the magic that has always been there. You're born with it, you have it. Our bodies are innately programmed to heal. Our bodies are innately programmed to have that magic. It's just uncovering how, how we can actually get it.

MP: 09:17 And I think, you know, we've talked a lot on this podcast about doing it alone and, and how really detrimental that is to anyone's, uh, success. Whatever their third journey to success or journey of success in that, doing it alone, that second set of eyes, whether it be someone like you who's helping somebody identify, it's like you, you might, someone could be stressed and not know why. And at it could be if you, you know, with one person having a conversation with you, you could identify quickly that it's like to actually know what that it's something else. You know, it's not about, I remember my, one of my favorite books that I read was, um, by Lance Armstrong, it was called, it's not about the bike, right? The bike isn't what, what had had, had him win those races. Now I read this before all the drug stuff, but you know, um, the point is, is that often in life it's not about what we think it's about. It's about something else. And so a set of eyes like yours and the work that you do helps bring that additional set of eyes. And identify things that just aren't there in your perspective.

JB: 10:20 Just shirt. I love what you just shared there, Michael, because you know, I have this thing that says understanding the why is important. Understanding the what is better and understanding the how helps us take action. So those are common questions, right? It's, it's, I mean, as a child, when we process emotions, you ask a child why they're feeling some way, they have no idea. But for us as adults, as entrepreneurs in the work field, why is important we don't have to stay there. And the what is important and we don't have to stay there either, but the, the how, how can I now understanding where I am, why I got here, but most importantly, how I can shift out of this. That's where the action takes place. And so often we get caught up in the why. We can take a look and say, well, why aren't I being more productive?

JB: 11:16 Why is, you know, so-and-so doing better than me? Or what is happening that I'm not able to move this? Uh, this next level in my business is until the how comes along that we can then say, okay, thank you, thank you for that valuable information. Our brain needs it. And I could, we could spend a whole other podcast just on the brain, my goal, but our brain needs that to be able to see safely, securely say, okay, I understand. I'm going to showdown. Now I'm going to settle into a place where yes, I'm ready to take action. And that action, he's often, when I find than propels people to take those next steps in their business too. Find the place to create and also, which is really important, enjoy themselves. Because really, why would we do something if it's not enjoyable? Remember when I said that the body is innately program to heal.

JB: 12:06 The body's innately programmed to feel joy. Joy is a higher energy than any other kind of emotion. So we will, if we're in that place of joy for enjoying what we do, and I'm sure everyone who's, who's listening today can remember the times when you sat down to work or to, uh, you know, complete your next task. And you weren't in a place of joy. Was it easier? Was it, did it have more flow? Did it end up being more productive? Were you more efficient? And my guess would be you could all listen to and if you could all answer at this time, but the answer would be yes. So it's also about finding that joy and bringing the joy into those magic moments and that, that magic and the joy together. You're unstoppable.

MP: 12:55 Mm. Well, and that's one of the aims of this podcast is to help our listeners build businesses that they love, whatever size business they want. But one of the flags are one of the, the key performance indicators, if you will, is I love my business and I love what I do. And so the work that you're doing really is opening a door to, to having more of that. And, and what I want to say as well, just in listening to you, it's, it occurs to me is, is this set state? I've recently, well it wasn't that recent, but it was a couple of months ago. I went and I had a shoulder problem and I needed to get it worked on. I tried all these different things and it was painful. And finally, if I went to this massage therapist who worked, worked on the problem and fixed the problem and it was a muscular problem, I have no idea what, but he did what he did and it fixed it.

MP: 13:51 And I was like, wow, it's amazing. But he also did some more massage on the rest of my body and all of a sudden I'm like, I don't know what the heck just happened. But I feel different, like a whole new level of relaxation that I did not know existed. And so what, what it was was that I was walking around at a set state of pain or discomfort or uncomfortableness or whatever we would call that and, and didn't know it. Like for me it was like, oh, there's nothing wrong, but it was the shoulder that you know, was super pain that triggered me into this whole new level of, you know what, there's a new normal here. And I like this new normal. And I think that's what's available for so many people, many of the listeners. And, and it's not just the listeners on this podcast, I absolutely 6 billion people on the planet or how many ever it is a whole new level, whole new normal of life that is a lot more easygoing, a lot more enjoyable, a lot more fun.

JB: 14:52 Okay. I'm going to agree with that, Michael, and, and I, I think that you said about your shoulder and the body is so profound. Um, so if I could just branch off on that end and add, please do. Because really, if you remember me saying to you earlier about that the body's innately program to heal right now our body, um, I have a thing in the first coaching session that I do that, um, and I have everyone write it down that the body holds the state. Okay. When what that means is our bodies will always reflect what is happening inside. Now this is not new information, right? I mean, it's stuff definitely that's commonplace. We understand. But what that does is it highly attuned people. Because when I work with people and we're, we're working on the incremental shifts, it's about listening and it's about being quiet enough to hear what is going on.

MP: 15:45 And often when we have a busy business or we're growing our business and therefore there's buisiness in the growing stages, then we can often just ignore our body. So actually when I'm working with people a lot that is listening to your body, how are you treating your body? And our body will talk to us. So just like my goal and your body was talking to you through your, through your shoulder, for whatever reason that happened. And we may know that's the why, the what in the house. The fact is what it led you to do is pay attention, get some help and then all of a sudden feel a way that you had not felt before. Our brain also learns through contrast. And so it's really important. And I was actually just sharing this with someone that, uh, we were having our coaching call this morning and she said, you know, like, Gosh, my life has just incrementally changed.

MP: 16:37 But it's all the small pieces that make the big difference. Jen, and this is unbelievable because I've never felt this way before. And what she's really saying is that, you know, it's just like ourselves in our body. And if you think about it, they don't, they, they are independent cellular one, one cell at a time. They're sending a message. But together they may get this incredible piece that we say our is our physical body. Now they each are incrementally changing and shifting every day, just like weekend. It's not a big meeting that everyone has and you know, and they call the cells together and they have a meeting and they say, okay, go do your job today. Each one is working independently, but it makes the overall difference. Whatever happened for your shoulder, that was an incremental shifts that then made a massive difference in the rest of your body because there's oneself, one group of cells shifted.

JB: 17:30 So did the rest of your body, and this is exactly what people may or may not realize as they're going through and you know in their daily grind are working really hard or want striving to do better, is that even those small shifts that we may not see is going to increase our profitability or make a difference in the bottom line or get help with catch that deadline even faster is actually shifting. They'd be just as simple as stopping, taking a breath and realizing that when we consume something that we're putting in our body, even what we're consuming is going to make a difference in our day, which makes a difference in our body, which makes a difference in our productivity, our wellbeing, our emotional health, et cetera. And so it's about listening and Michael, you listened. Now I'm also going to share that sometimes we need to get to the place of point of pain, you know, in our body or in our businesses or in our family or in our relationships to be able to listen to part of the human journey.

MP: 18:27 But also the more you get in the pattern of listening, and that's why I work with people on a weekly basis. The more you get in the pattern of listening and you're able to hear what your body is telling you because you're tuned in, the more you are able to listen to what your emotions are sharing with you and understanding your emotional health, then the messages don't have to be so drastic, like a very pain shoulder, right? They can drag us down and that is the beauty. We then can experience something like you said, Michael, that is a new normal and from that new normal who wouldn't want to stay there? Who wouldn't want to create from this place? And it's not to say, it's not to say that we're not going to have those blips on the, you know, the ups and downs, the shifts, the that, the drops and that the peaks and valleys as they would say, that's part of our human journey in this part of our human experience. Welcome to life. But it's being able to move and flow with that. And by listening and making those incremental changes every day, they're not boulders, which is small little pebbles that make the wave. Does that make sense? Does that, does is what I'm sharing is that helpful?

JB: 19:48 I like the idea that what we're doing when we're making these incremental shifts is that we're, we're getting closer and closer to this knowledge that we have as as a human being. So whatever we want to call that, but to, to remove the noise that's preventing us really of listening to this incredible, incredible thing. That's our body, right? That is our host, that is our, our, our ship through life. And it's almost in a, in the western world anyways, I would assert that it's Kinda like, oh, forget about the ship cares about the ship. It's like, wait a second. Where, and we're in any kind of situation we forget about the, the ships that get, you know, forgotten about the, if you don't worry about your car, if you don't, you know, take care of the things that get you around. Guess what they break. And so it's like just for me anyways in this, in this conversation, it's like, yeah, pay to the vehicle that's moving, moving around. Not only is it an awesome vehicle with all sorts of magical things that it can do for us, but it's the only one we've got.

JB: 20:57 And you know what? My goal is so interested in that you're sharing that because Nicole program that I'm, I'm working with people in the first call. I spent one full hour asking them very, very detailed questions about heightening their awareness on not only first and foremost, how are they treating the body because the body holds the state and the energy, but also everything. Because everything, and I know you've heard this before, but everything is energy. Well that's, that is the truth. And so I say to them very clearly, I'm going to start, we're going to start right when you wake up, before you feed him and hit the floor and we're going to get through as much of your day as we can. Okay. In one hour. I have not yet successfully made it for anyone of the the clients that I coach to breakfast in one hour.

JB: 21:47 So you can just imagine Michael, how many moments we can be aware of that can make those incremental shifts in our day. But we, we as human beings, we just get so tuned into, okay, yes, I get up, I get dressed, I get going and get my coffee again. Work mode now. Now how can I be productive? And what actually starts the minute your eyes open. That's how our day starts. That's how our productivity start. That's how we start as entrepreneurs. But everything else that we have to balance on top of that, and so it's those. It's by listening in not only to our body, but body is a super one to start with and that's where we do start often, but it's in our, it's our environments. It's what we listen to. It's what we ingest, it's who we talk to. It's how we talk. It's how we hold ourselves.

JB: 22:35 It's how we dress. It's every piece along the way. Now taking a look at that big picture, that would be overwhelming. That's why we do it incrementally. And that's why for those who are listening today, even if you can take something from this podcast to say, you know what, just stop. Take a look. Where are you sitting right now? Are you driving? I was listening to this, you know, in a plane, traveling somewhere. Is this a morning ritual for you or are you at your desk? Just pause, stop and look around. He did everything in for a moment. What kind of, what kind of, what kind of state is your desk in? How were you holding your body? How were you dressed today? What have you ingested so far and has it been healthy? Is there outside noise and distractions? What kind of conversations did you have thus far today and what, what kind of relations did you have with family members or friends or colleagues?

JB: 23:44 How were those, how were those conversations? Everything. Everything makes an overall difference. And when we can take a look, when we can really dissect and see what those pieces are and then we can harness it and be as joyful as we can be, as as happy as we can be, as connected to our emotions and life experiences as we can be in productive communication. That healthy communication, the relationships as we can be. My Gosh, I mean talk about a new normal. I go, imagine sitting down into that state, you can pour so much of yourself into your creativity. You so much of yourself into your work, so much of yourself into your job that you do love your job because you love yourself. That's it. That's as simple as it gets and it can be that simple. There's a lot that can be confusing out there and so when we boil it down, when we distill it down, we take a look almost like a, we take a look under a microscope. That's when we can really see what's going on. The human body gets really simple. When we look at it under a microscope, we're like, oh, we're just all a bunch of cells. So cool. On the same thing to our days for our truck productivity and to our businesses step-by-step with support along the way makes it doable. Real. And I love what you're going to say, Michael. The magic and joy is there.

JB: 25:09 I can see how this is already just as you were, as you were going through that list, you know, it's just amazing when I pay attention to some of those questions that you asked. It's like, what am I wearing? What did I eat today? You know, it's kind of like, hey, you know, these are all things that, why did I choose to wear what I wore today? And am I happy with my choice? Yeah. It's just, and it happened in a really, in a flash of a second, um, in a blink of an eye as this. Um, we're, you know, it's a book that we're reading right now with my son, which is a Franklin the turtle. And I think that would be beginning of every, every thing. It's like in the blink of an eye, I can swallow 30, you know, 82 flies in the blink of an eye while in the blink of an eye, I had all of these thoughts around, you know, I can make a choice that's different now. I'm happy with what I wore. But, uh, it had me think about why did I wear it and I wore what I'm wearing today because it reminds me to chill out, to be, you know, chill. It's a shirt that says everyday California. And for me, California is like really cool, chill place. And so yet just the exercise helped me get in tune with something that I'm doing that supporting me.

JB: 26:28 And that's the key. And again, Michael, the message support, right? So we can, we can do things the hard way on life. And Trust me, I've tried. I have pushed many, a boulder up a hill and for those of, uh, those people who know me very, very well, I do have that competitive edge and competitive side as well. So sometimes though it can be my compete with myself, but I got to tell you, there's always a point when that boulder literally flattens me and that that upward battle up that hill is just not enjoyable. And unfortunately when you're, so when I, and I will own this one, I was so bent on pushing that boulder up the hill. I tend to ignore all the messages of support and love from my family, from my friends, from my coaches, from people around me because I'm so darn set on that one folder.

JB: 27:24 But that is one way to do life. And I've been there and I've been there many times. And then there's that time where I can stand at the top of the hill and I can coach the boulder down and I can watch it go and I can spend the rest of the time that I would have spent pushing it up the hill with my family and friends. And to me, just like you and Michael, you've got a beautiful son. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband and fan family and friends that, that, that is my, that is my why that I wake up for every day. So if I can do things the easy way, meaning simple, enjoyable, real and doable like I was talking about before, and why wouldn't I choose it? And so if I can make those incremental decisions that are going to support me, like you just said, Michael, support me and food body.

JB: 28:13 How's my emotional health, my physical health, my spiritual health, my mental health and that can help me push that boulder down the hill instead of pushing it up. Then I'm on board. Well, we don't know until we, until we experiment, we don't know until we experience it. And once we've experienced it and trust me, I'm a human being on my journey. Michael, and for all those of you who are listening, yes, there are some times still that I stop and go, oh by the, here I am pushing the boulder again. So it's not, it's not foolproof. I live is not foolproof. And so what's going to support you today that chill out, relaxing, and California shirts may not support you as best when you're up doing your presentation by call, right? That being conscious around it activates that level of support to help us be who we can help us be our authentic self.

MP: 29:13 I just loved it and I think the more that we all do these things, the more we can tackle those boulders. You know, I've got my shirt on, but yeah, you're absolutely right. Something gets thrown at me that is a, you know, uh, a coming at it from a, from another angle throws me off guard. It's like, but if I'm not paying attention, then I'm susceptible to just letting these boulders get bigger and baker and baker and Baker, and then I think of all of our listeners, right? They're in their business, they're doing this work, you know, just a little bit of this work. It's got a multiplier effect. It'll show up, it'll impact your staff, it'll impact your, the clients that you work with. Even just doing it yourself, whether you do anything different with them. I truly believe that the, the more you're in tune with yourself, the better tuning you give to others that you're around. So, so that's, that's kind of the exciting part is like the unexpected, unpredictable, extremely delicious results that can come from doing this kind of work in your life.

JB: 30:14 You know, I was just reminded of what you shared. I recently watched Evan Almighty. Okay. So a, if for those listeners who remember this as a chemo, probably about 10 years ago, um, Steve Carroll and, and he's, he's asked to be by, you know, basically he's, he's asked to build an arc. Okay. Become like a present time, Noah. And you know, there's a scene in the movie at the end, if you haven't seen this, don't worry, it's not ruining it. And he said, you know, I ac, he's talking do to God essentially. And he says, you know, but I really wanted to make a difference in this world. And he thought he was going to do it. He was going to be a politician. It's going to enact all these changes. And I'm Morgan Freeman who plays God, turns from and says, well, we'll send, you did right.

JB: 31:01 You build the arc and the arc is the ax urandom kindness. And of course the movie is fantastic and yes, you save all these people and I'm sorry to ruin it if I just did I haven't seen yet. But that's as simple as it is. We've always talked about the ripple effect, right? By you taking care of you, you are, you are that stone that you're dropping in the water and we have no idea how many of our ripples or our waves or eventuall wave will impact other people. Show up with your family and friends if that's not motivation enough to do. And then it filters into your business, into the people that you effect into the people that your clients, even the energy that you complete your projects makes a difference. I mean this is that. And that's of course where the say of the quantum physics come in and you know, we can go down that path as well.

JB: 31:55 But your energy being as high as it can, being as, as healthy as you can be. It does make a difference in the world. And sometimes when we sit there and we're, you know, we're plugging away and as entrepreneurs we're often, it's a lonely road. Okay. Um, so that's why the sport is so helpful. Also, we can think like, am I seriously in the heat, different small world, but by doing what I do on this scale, and the answer is yes. And that's the most beautiful piece. There are people in the world who will stand on when at a podium or making changes that are globally heard. Your, your showing up as healthy as you can be does make a difference. And it's the small incremental changes. That's what I'm talking about here that make the big difference. So it's not another piece of motivation that you're helping the planet or you just helping yourself. It's, it's pretty amazing.

MP: 32:57 Gorgeous. Absolutely love it. And this is what this podcast is all about. So now I know, Jennifer, you've got an incredible resource that you have available on your website. Can you tell us a little bit about that resource and the best way to get that per our listener?

JB: 33:16 Oh, absolutely. Well, it'd be my pleasure to, and again my, uh, I stand here just in, in wanting to bring value, uh, being in service to others. So I hope if any of you have questions that you can always reach me at Jenniferatblakeconsulting.ca and be happy to answer them and shaky words or, or lastly, if you could put your questions in and get they do read them and then I will respond to them. And if you go to my website, so it's Blakeconsulting.ca. So www.flightconsulting.ca you'll find a link on there to download the free five incremental ways of improving your emotional health on a daily basis. So it's a gift to you. I really invite you to try it on. Um, you can always give me your feedback in the way that it's made, a difference or a shift in your life and in your business. And I would be happy to have those conversations with you.

MP: 34:12 Beautiful. Thank you so much, Jennifer. You know our audience, what they do every day is help small businesses do better, grow, help, take the pressures off of small business owners. So thank you so much for really giving us this time to help our audience take care of themselves so that they can take care of the people that make our countries great.

JB: 34:35 Oh, you're my, my absolute pleasure, Michael. Thank you for the invitation and for all of you who are listening, thank you for the opportunity and thank yourself for taking this time out today to really once again be reminded that it starts with you and it can be simple with me. Doable. It can be real. It starts with you and you make the difference in your world. You make difference.

MP: 34:57 Okay. Yourself.

JB: 34:58 Thank you for making a difference in the world that I live in. MCU.

MP: 35:01 Thank you, Jennifer, so much for being here. Thank you. Well, that wraps another episode of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast. To learn more about today's fabulous guests and to get access to all sorts of valuable free business-building resources. You can go to Thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com until next time, goodbye.