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Hiring employees is not an easy process.

Our return guest, Nancy Gwynne-Vaughan, President of Graham Consulting & Training Inc, encountered problems when she started hiring employees for her bookkeeping business.

Three or four years ago, her practice got to a level where it didn't grow any further. She got super busy, her other employees quit the firm and she couldn't get anything done. 

That's when she decided to hire a professional bookkeeper.

She started speaking with other bookkeepers, getting their advice, listening to podcasts and followed the Pure Bookkeeping hiring system which helped with her trust issues and the hiring process.

Today, Nancy provides practice management and bookkeeping services to 35 law firms and counting.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of adopting a positive mindset everyday

  • Figuring out your hiring process and what it's going to be

  • How allowing yourself the freedom to make all kinds of mistakes will benefit you

For her LinkedIn page, click here.

To check out her previous Successful Bookkeeper podcast episode, listen here.

To get in touch with Nancy, email her at info@bookkeepingforlawyers.ca.