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Our guest, Cindy Stradling, who is a resilience coach, has faced many difficult life challenges as a single mother with very little education and has developed the mental fortitude to keep going no matter what.

In getting from there to here, Cindy has shined shoes, waited tables, cleaned houses and was a parking lot attendant while building her business. 

Undeniably, she knows firsthand what resilience is.

She has developed it through her journey and has developed a program, Thrive, to inspire others to be their personal best and keep moving toward their goals.

If you set your mindset right and have discipline, you can be successful at whatever you want to do in life.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • The importance of knowing your goals and objectives

  • How the value of consistent approach will help you

  • What are the keys to overcoming the fear of cold calls and sales

To learn more about Cindy Stradling, visit here.

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To get in touch with Cindy, Email her at cindy@cindystradling.com.