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Charge an hourly or fixed rate?

It's a decision many bookkeepers, who are business owners, have pondered at one point or another.

Our guest, Amanda Birch, the President of Birch Accounting & Tax Services, was one of them until she figured out fixed pricing was the way to go.

For her, fixed pricing made sense because it is offered upfront so that clients would know exactly what they're paying for, whether it be bookkeeping or taxes, so they would not end up with a surprise bill at the end.

That decision has worked well.

Amanda's business continues to provide value while her customers have reaped the benefits.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • How to optimize bookkeeping in real time with online applications

  • How to provide cloud and desktop accounting solutions to your customers

  • How to use a secure encrypted portal for your customers' tax return information

To learn more about Birch Accounting & Tax Services, visit here

For Amanda's LinkedIn page, click here.

For her Facebook, discover here.

To get in touch with Amanda, email her at amanda@birchaccounting.ca.