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It improves efficiency for your accounting and bookkeeping business.

Our guest, Kellie Parks, a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Financial Technology Expert, is a relentless organizer and believes cloud financial technology is the key to organization.

While running her business, Calmwaters Cloud Accounting, she spends much of her days educating accounting firms and small to medium-sized businesses, but she loves taking care of her clients' day-to-day accounting needs.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Different financial technology that will help your bookkeeping business

  • How Cloud Financial Technology makes it possible for you to enjoy working from different countries

  • How technology can maintain your training and bookkeeping business seamlessly

To learn more about Calmwaters Cloud Accounting, visit here

For Kellie's Facebook page, go here.

For her Twitter, explore here.

To get in touch with Kellie, email her at kellie@calmwaters.ca.