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So, you want to grow your business to the next level?

As you probably guessed, it's not easy, but it can be done and there are many ways to get there.

For our guest, Cheryl Knight of the Balcatta, Australia-based, Carbon Bookkeeping, she partnered with others to form a mega firm where she runs her $1 million dollar business inside a $7 million dollar one.

It's a unique situation, but it's one that likely wouldn't have happened if she hadn't set up her business for success beforehand.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The power of documenting your business procedures and writing checklists to teach staff

  • The importance of being open to new ideas that could provide profitable opportunities

  • Why you should be adaptable to industry trends to always remain relevant and valuable to clients

To find out more about Cheryl, click here.

To learn about her bookkeeping firm, view this link.

To explore her training centre, go here.

You can also chat with her on The Successful Bookkeeper Facebook Group. You can join at this link.

To access the Pure Bookkeeping Business Blueprint, visit here.