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For your bookkeeping business to be successful, you'll need to invest money into products, programs, systems and tools to ensure your operation has all the resources it needs to deliver great service to your clients.

This reality is one our guest, Peter Broberg of Monitor Bookkeeping Services based in Perth, Australia, accepted and has never looked back.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of buying a proven and pre-made system that allows you to focus on your business instead of reinventing the wheel

  • Why exploring fixed pricing can be a game-changer and who you should research to implement it properly

  • The importance of always looking for ways to automate your enterprise to increase its efficiency and productivity

To learn more about Peter, visit here.

For a 30 day free trial of Pricing In The Cloud, the sign-up code is VIPTrial30 & you can register at this link

To access the pricing videos regarding left hand digits and the power of 9 that were mentioned in this episode, the links are below:

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