EP425: Jeff Bartsch - Telling Your Story: Giving Meaning To The Numbers - Part 1

“A story is where a character wants something, overcomes obstacles to get it and experiences transformation as a result. Identity, desire, obstacles and transformation. And then we as providers of services and products, we are the guide, we come alongside to help that hero get what they want.”
- Jeff Bartsch

Being a bookkeeper is about more than our ability to do the math. There are plenty of technological solutions to bookkeeping, yet clients continue to hire human bookkeepers because we understand the story of that client’s business. 
We can leverage our experience in a way a machine is unable to. We build personal connections with our clients and guide them to success. In this advisory role, lies the true value of a bookkeeper. Someone who can reassure, support and advise in a way that builds connection and empowers clients to make the best of their businesses. 
Jeff Bartsch, founder of Story Greenlight is this episode’s featured guest. He has spent his career helping people understand the story of their business and how to tell it successfully. In this first of a two-episode special, Michael and Jeff explore ways to build connection with your audience, the power of storytelling and how businesses are transformed when you give the numbers meaning.
If you want to connect with your clients more, but don’t feel confident using your knowledge and experience to build deeper relationships, then this is the episode for you!
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The power of giving meaning to the numbers
  • How to tell your story successfully
  • The importance of building genuine connections

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Time Stamps
02:12-  Jeff discusses his career journey 
05:55 - Connecting with your audience 
11:39 - Telling your story 
24:24 - Giving meaning to the numbers
30:10 - Delivering for your clients


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