EP423: Sam Bennett - The Secret To Getting Things Done RIGHT NOW!

“Spend 15 minutes a day every single day on something that matters to you. I don’t care if it matters to anybody else, but something that matters to you, and preferably do all this before you check your email.”
- Sam Bennett

Habit building is hard, especially when we aren’t always sure which way to direct our energy. The more we build a habit, the more momentum we gain, and the less we want to quit whatever it is we are doing. Unfortunately, the same is true of negative habits. If we struggle to even try, that is all that will happen. We’ll give up before we start to see results, and the more we give up, the more we’ll keep giving up.

We can’t just copy others and hope to find the same success, we aren’t them. It’s scary to realize there is no right way to success, there is only our own way, all we have to do is lean into it, and build it up with good habits. Success is what follows those good habits. 

Sam Bennett, author of The 15-Minute Method, has spent her career helping overthinkers get things done, 15 minutes at a time. She has created an environment to help people live their best, most fulfilling and productive lives. 

In this episode, Sam and Michael illustrate the power of the 15-minute method, how to beat procrastination, and how to spend more time in your flow state. If you are an overthinker, constantly worried about making the right choices, then this is the episode that will get you believing you can be who you want to be.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The power of the 15-Minute Method
  • How to spend more time in your flow
  • The importance of overcoming procrastination

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Time Stamps

01:35 - Sam discussses her career journey 
04:30 - Adjusting to a new reality 
10:10 - The power of 15 minutes 
17:43 - Getting to grips with procrastination
20:58 - Building time in your flow state 
32:03 - The daily practicum 

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