EP420: Lora Lonesberry - Future Thinking: Building A Business Beyond AI

“If you want to stay viable in your bookkeeping business, you’re going to have to make that shift, and make your customers understand that they need you, and value you and your thought process that AI can’t do for them.”
- Lora Lonesberry
There can be no doubt that AI is changing our world. Yet we are not all as doomed to be replaced by technology as some would have us believe. AI, like all new inventions, offers us the chance to grow, by embracing a technology that can make our lives easier, while giving us more time to focus on the unique insights only we can provide. 
Without challenges there can be no growth, they keep us on the cutting edge of industry, daring us to keep up, deepening our skill set, experience and knowledge. Experience that clients are in desperate need of. AI can do the numbers faster than us, but it can’t contextualize them for the specific needs of a client. It can’t understand the dreams and hopes tied up in our client’s businesses. 
Lora Lonesberry, owner of Positive Statements, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent her varied career helping people get proactive and creative when facing the challenges of business and personal growth. She speaks to the power of finding your niche and leveraging your unique skills to overcome any challenge and the need for strong community networks. 
If you are struggling to keep up, and don’t know which tools to use or how to leverage your skills, then this is the episode to get you asking the question; ‘What might your business look like if you implemented strategies to use AI to enhance, not replace, your services?’
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • How to leverage AI to improve the success of your business
  • The value of thinking about the little things
  • The importance of community & networking 
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Time Stamps
01:47 - Making the most of changes 
04:18 - Embracing a change in thinking
07:06 - Getting to grips with AI
21:08 - Thinking about the little things 
26:04 - Levelling up on your gaps 
30:32 - Finding your niche

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