EP417: Mike Michalowicz - How To Build A Shared Vision For Success

“The importance of your own personal achievement needs to be equal to the importance of everyone else’s achievement. We are all just harmoniously and fortunately moving towards the same thing: survival.” 

- Mike Michalowicz

Are we working with the business or for the business? A great way to find out is to pay attention to the way you speak about the business. Are the successes and failures ‘ours’ or are they ‘theirs’? From this simple recognition, we can build a really clear picture of who is sharing the vision and who doesn’t feel like they belong.

From there, the hard work begins. In order to maintain our success, we have to make sure those who work with and for us are benefiting too. No one is an island unto themselves; we all need help and support to achieve our dreams. And when we reach our peak of success, we must look back and help those who have supported us on our journey to summit their own idea of success.

Mike Michalowicz, author and keynote speaker is this episode’s featured guest. Mike has spent his career helping people eradicate entrepreneurial poverty, fixing and removing barriers to true success. Mike speaks powerfully about the need to understand your people, how to get inspired, and why remembering your past successes matters.

If you are struggling to share your vision, aren’t sure how to recognise the contributions of others, or inspire them to action, then this is the episode to get you thinking less about your dream and more about ‘our’ dreams. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of inspiring others to achieve their dreams

  • How to effectively communicate a shared vision

  • The importance of taking stock of your success

To find out more about Mike, click here.

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Buy his new book, All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams by visiting this link.

Time Stamps

01:47 - Becoming a great leader 
09:27 - Appreciating collective goals 
16:04 - Communicating a shared vision 
21:04 - How great leaders inspire their teams 
24:38 - Creating psychological ownership

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