EP415: Curtis Lewsey - Unlocking the Power of Genuine Referrals

“Don’t just ask for the referral, deserve it. You deserve a referral, and you earn a referral by who you are and how you show up in people’s lives.”
- Curtis Lewsey
Referrals are a huge part of our businesses but despite this, we often don’t spend as much time and genuine effort as we should investing in the relationships around us. How well we are referred by others is a direct testament to our character. 
If we are being disingenuous, following the money only rather than the relationships, we are unlikely to build a sustainable network of connections. We have to stop expecting referrals when we haven’t made any authenticity deposits of kindness, gratitude, or appreciation into the relationship. 
Curtis Lewsey, owner of AM Cards and co-author of Appreciation Marketing, is this episode’s featured guest. Curtis has spent his career helping people get appreciative about their businesses and relationships. In this episode, he speaks to the power of saying thank you, putting authenticity first, and how to set healthy expectations. 
If your attempts to build client relationships are failing, or you just want to get more authentic about showing your appreciation to clients, then this is the episode to put you in the receiver’s shoes, to truly take stock of how you are showing up in the world.
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The value of saying thank you
  • How to set healthy expectations in business relationships
  • The importance of connecting authentically
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Time Stamps
01:34 - Curtis talks about his career journey 
04:34 - The power of authenticity and gratitude  
08:27 - The chain of appreciation 
14:07 - Appreciation marketing 
20:05 - Leading by example 
27:20 - Looking for opportunities to be grateful
32:20 - Learning more about Curtis 


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