EP414: Erin Daiber - ‘It Is What It Is’, Or Is It What You Make It?

“I think we just get sucked into this pattern of being busy, and telling ourselves that there aren’t any other options and that we have to accept this. That ‘it is what it is’. Instead of taking that step back, taking a deep breath and thinking what would I want this to look like, what could this be?”
- Erin Daiber

We are creatures of habit, but all too often those habits become a prison, preventing us from growing and stepping into our greater potential. Just because things have always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean we cannot choose at any moment to try something different. 

It is scary to step out of our comfort zones, but much worse to be trapped in a repeating cycle that will never lead us to the success we desire. As long as we remember we are the ones setting the rules for our lives and business, we can change them. 

Erin Daiber, returning guest and owner of Well Balanced Accountants is this episode’s featured guest. Erin speaks to the power of connecting with your passion, how to navigate high-stress environments, and what your life could look like with the right coach and a willingness to set rules that work for and not against you. 

If you are feeling stuck, sure that success is within your reach, but are unsure how to grasp it, then this is the episode to help you take that step back, that deep breath that will bring clarity on the best way to move forward into a more successful business. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of setting rules that work for and not against you
  • How to navigate high-stress environments
  • The importance of connection to your passion

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Time Stamps    

01:54 - Erin talks about her career journey
04:42 - Navigating high-stress environments
07:47 - Things don’t have to be as they’ve always been
14:57 - Creating your future perfect scenario 
17:56 - Taking control of your business 
23:30 - Transforming your business with small changes 
27:00 - Holding yourself to account
32:50 - Learning more about Erin

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