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Are you looking for clients?

If you're just starting your bookkeeping business then you might be.

If you're already up and running then maybe you'd like to add some more business.

A way to do it other than spending thousands of dollars on marketing is to get referrals.

How do you do that?

Our returning guest, Melissa Lenos of King Accounting Solutions, knows how to master this fine art.

She never spends money on advertising because her revenue comes strictly from referrals only.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to turn a conversation with your client's accountant into a new referral partnership

  • Why you should have lunch and learns with senior managers at accounting firms

  • How to leverage BNI to have a 30-50 person sales team for your bookkeeping business

To find out more about Melissa, visit her website.

To investigate The Bookkeepers Referral Machine, click here

To find out more about The Networking Power Pack, explore this link.