EP409: Stacy Tuschl - Shifting Into The Owner's Mindset: The Delegation Masterclass

“I was outgrowing my money habits, and I was outgrowing the people teaching me about money, so what is that next level? Who is the next person I want to learn from?”
- Stacy Tuschl

Business owners often exist in the space between not believing we are worthy of our business, and believing we are the only ones that can get things done in our business. What would happen if you give yourself permission to start delegating some tasks to others?

Of course, everyone is unique. If you are happy with the way things are working for you, then your growth may lay in other directions. But if you aren’t happy, if you are spending too much time IN your business and not enough time ON your business, it might be time for a change.

Stacy Tuschl, founder of Well-Oiled Operations and operational systems expert, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent her career not only building incredibly successful businesses but helping others to achieve their dreams, by freeing them from the limiting mindsets holding them back. In this episode, Stacy speaks to the power of delegation, shifting limiting beliefs and growing beyond our spheres of influence. 

If you are struggling to let go in your bookkeeping business, not sure how to start trusting others with the things you do so well, or simply want that push to try, then this is the episode to get you out of an operator mindset and start thinking like an owner!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of mindset in shifting our business perspectives
  • How delegation can change your life
  • The importance of learning from the right places 

To find out more about Stacy, click here

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Time Stamps

01:46 - Stacy discusses her career journey 
03:02 - The challenges of building a healthy business
04:32 - Who are we learning money from?
06:26 - How is this working for you?
08:22 - Learning to delegate
12:40 - Stacy’s tips for successful delegation 
19:41 - Shifting out of the operator mindset
25:47 - Navigating the flow of change 
31:15 - Getting our finances in order 
36:35 - Learning more about Stacy

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