EP408: Spotlight - Robin Hall - Pricing Your Value In The Era of Automation

“I have to do a lot of things that are downtime, or non-billable things, so I have to roll that into my rate. I had to do a mind shift change. I had to do a complete 180 on my thoughts and how I thought of clients and how I billed them and what I am doing for them.”
- Robin Hall

Automation is the future, but shortcuts are only helpful if we have already been to the destination the long way round, otherwise, there is no way to know if we have arrived at the right place. Until we have a full understanding of just how many steps it takes to achieve a certain result, we can’t begin to implement any useful shortcuts. 

The next problem is successfully communicating the worth of that experience, especially when we reach levels of skill that make us really good at something, but unable to explain how to do it to others. Knowing the value of our skills is only half the battle. Not everyone that can do, can teach. It takes a different skill set to be able to effectively communicate and replicate in others those things we do well. 

Robin Hall, owner and principal consultant at VARC Solutions, is this spotlight episode’s special guest. She has spent her career helping people get to grips with automation.  She discusses all things automation, from how to shift our mindset, to understanding the value of your skills and time, and how to bring your team along on the journey.

If you have been considering a more automated approach to your bookkeeping business, but aren’t sure which direction to take, this is the episode to get you thinking about people-first automation. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The power of pricing for your value not just your time
  • How to shift your mindset to be open to the future
  • The importance of bringing your people on the journey with you

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Time Stamps

01:24 - Robin discusses her career journey
03:45 - The value of passing on our knowledge  
06:03 - Shifting to value-based pricing 
11:56 - Getting to grips with automation 
15:44 - Factors to consider when automating accounts
22:31 - Bringing your team with you
27:10 - Finding your preferred solution partners 
36:14 - Robin’s automation tips

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