EP406: David Hartley - Embracing The Future: AI - Part 1

“What would I do, if I could still get my work done, but I had it done five hours faster, or ten hours faster?
- David Hartley
There was a time those using the abacus, feared the calculator. It is natural to be nervous and have some fear around evolving technologies, especially at their current pace. But those that lean into these advancements, are far more likely to survive them. And more than just surviving, there are huge opportunities to thrive when we embrace them.
What makes us comfortable, might also be the same thing keeping us from reaching greater heights in our business. If there are tools that can systemize the repetitive, mundane tasks all of us must do to keep things running, why wouldn’t we let a capable AI handle them for us?
In the first of a two-part special, David Hartley, a business and technology executive with over 30 years of continuous innovation and leadership talks about the impact of AI on the bookkeeping industry, will discuss the need to embrace, adapt, and overcome the challenges of new technologies, why your advice matters, and what the future will look like.
If you are living in fear of the looming shadow of AI, afraid for your bookkeeping business or job security, this is the episode to help you lean into a pivot towards embracing the future, as it happens.
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The value of advisory skills in an automated world
  • How to grow your business with AI
  • The importance of embracing the changing technological landscape
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Time Stamps
01:27 - David discusses his career journey 
03:18 - The impact of technology on our profession 
04:58 - Using AI to your best advantage 
10:23 - To fear AI, or embrace it?
12:08 - Growing your business with AI
19:37 - The continued evolution of AI

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