EP403: Shep Hyken - Setting The Tone: Your Guide To Business Brilliance

“Our clients, they’re consumers at some level, and they’re comparing the experience they have with you. They are going to compare it to the great experiences they have. Their favourite businesses are the ones that take care of them the most. The best service experience they have ever had, that is their benchmark.” 
- Shep Hyken

All of us are customers. And yet despite having a wealth of experience, we hardly ever apply it to our own bookkeeping business. Getting started on the journey of quality customer service and experience can begin with some simple questions:

Why do people work with us, and why don’t they? And what do I love about my favourite businesses, and what don’t I like?

That is not to say you have to do what everyone else is doing. But if you can identify the criteria in yourself and others that really gets you excited about your work. You will have better footing to make more informed decisions about the future of your business. 

Customer service and customer experience expert, Shep Hyken, is this episode’s featured guest. He has spent his career helping the world’s best brands build a customer-centred culture. In this episode, Shep digs into what it means to set the tone in your business, the importance of great customer service, and how to measure it successfully. 

If you are tired of people deciding what you do, and how you do it, this is the episode to get you clear about who you are, what your business can offer, and how best to present that to the rest of the world. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of a great introduction
  • How to find & retain clients that fit your business
  • The importance of great client services

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Time Stamps  

01:41 - Shep discusses his career journey 
05:44 - Labelling ourselves before others can
08:11 - Creating the best client services  
15:27 - The fine balance of quality customer service 
21:23 - The Right Fit Client 
25:50 - Why are your clients picking you?
33:33 - How much better do you need to be?

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