EP400: Julie Walters - Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Creating A Lasting Impact

“When a business owner is supported and when they have extra funds available, those funds usually funnel back into their local community.”
-Julie Walters

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Best practice isn’t what everyone else is doing, it is learning from everyone else and building practices that work best for you. When we consistently deliver on our processes, we automatically create the space for growth as things begin to run themselves. 

There is never a right time to make a start or take the next step in your bookkeeping business. If we don’t make the change today, 12 months from now we’ll find ourselves stuck in the same position, wishing we had acted sooner. 

Julie Walters, owner of Pathfinder Bookkeeping and Tax, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent her career helping businesses grow and prosper. She speaks powerfully about the safety and security our businesses provide us, while explaining just how far-reaching the impact of what we do can be felt by others. 

If you are struggling to build effective systems and processes into your business, aren’t sure how to communicate your skills or worth to your clients, or just want to modernize your business without leaving your clients behind, this is the episode to set your business in motion.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of Pure Bookkeeping as a tool for your success
  • How to find the courage to take a leap
  • The importance of bringing our clients with us on our journey

To find out more about Julie, click here.

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Time Stamps
01:27 - Julie discusses her career journey
03:39 - Navigating the highs & lows 
06:01 - Taking the leap 
10:41 - Bringing our clients with us
12:48 - How Pure Bookkeeping can help you
14:53 - Building your dream team
17:14 - Never a right time 
20:00 - Growing with your business 
27:06 - Measuring the impact ripple
33:44 - Looking to the future

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