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No one likes that in their bookkeeping business.

But, when you don't have a trusted process or system in place for staff to follow which details how your operation works, a tornado of destruction will likely ensue.

This could happen because clear instructions are not given on how things get done, so others will come up with their own solutions which can lead to disaster including some angry clients.

Today, our guest David Cristello, who is the founder of Jetpack Workflow, will offer some suggestions to get you started on systemizing your bookkeeping business.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why it's important to download your brain into a Google Doc

  • Why the quality of your product is dependent on the quality of your process

  • Why you should include your staff in the creation of your systems

To find out more about David, visit here.

To learn about Jetpack Workflow, explore the website.

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