EP398: Lesley Pyle - Your Ultimate Hiring Guide

“You’ll know it’s time to hire…when you’re not able to do the things you love and excel at.”

- Lesley Pyle

Placing our trust in other people is scary. Struggling along by ourselves can oftentimes feel safer than taking a risk on a new hire. But it comes at a cost. The more time we spend working on the day-to-day details of our bookkeeping businesses, the less we love them. 

When searching for the right people for our business, it is important to remember that trust is built over time, through practice and adversity. You’ll never find someone you immediately trust with your business, but you can, through well thought out ads, invite people with complementary skills and experiences to build that trust with you. 

Lesley Pyle, owner and founder of HireMyMom.com, is this episode’s featured guest. Born from a strong desire to help moms find legitimate work from home, Lesley has spent her career helping women find the perfect home-based job for them.

She speaks powerfully to the nature of trust, finding the right people for your team and how to know when the time is right to expand your business. 

If you are worried about trusting new people or don’t know who will be the best fit, this episode is your ultimate guide to hiring! 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of growing with our changing world
  • How to get onboarding right
  • The importance of hiring people that fit your needs

To find out more about Lesley, click here.

You can also find her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps    

01:24 - Lesley discusses her career journey 
04:25 - Facing the big challenges 
07:15 - Growing with a changing world 
09:12 - Getting people connected 
12:31 - Hiring the right people for you
16:24 - Putting our best foot forward 
20:10 - Making the right choice for you
21:22 - How to get onboarding right 
28:42 - Trends for the future  

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