EP394: Spotlight - Jennifer Johnston - Moments That Matter: Thriving In The New Work Landscape

“We want to identify those moments that matter, that help us center around connection… going back to the employees and saying, 'what does this look like to you?'”
- Jennifer Johnston

There are so many different points of view when it comes to remote, office and hybrid working, that it can be hard to know what is best for us, our employees, and businesses. Remote workers increase the pool of skilled talent you might hire, but in-house employees create culture and connection with no extra effort. 

What would happen if you identified those crucial workplace moments that truly matter for your team, and structured your approach around the answers of the people working for you?

Jennifer Johnston, Vice President of Human Resources at Payworks, is here to help you answer that very question. In this episode, Jennifer and Louie Prosperi navigate the complexities of the different working environments and what you can achieve when you identify the moments that matter and offer valuable insights into the strategies you can employ to thrive anywhere. 

If you are struggling with all the talk around where and how you should be working, then this is the episode to cut the noise and get you thinking about what will work for you, your employees, and your clients!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of managing stress & well-being
  • How to identify what matters to you
  • The importance of connecting with purpose  

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Time Stamps

01:27 - Jennifer discusses her career journey 
03:41 - Adapting to challenging environments 
07:41 - Employee engagement & experience 
09:58 - How to use a net promoter score 
13:48 - Managing stress & wellbeing 
18:33 - Creating a proactive space 
21:42 - The hybrid environment 
26:33 - Getting intentional about connection
33:44 - The benefits of remote work
37:06 - Learning more about Payworks

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