EP388: Bridget Hilton - Living A Life With No Regrets

“I’m all about making money, but at the same time, we are taught our whole life that money is the answer to everything, and it’s really not. Because at the end of your life, you don’t think about your wallet.”
- Bridget Hilton

Life is short. We know this all too well, and yet rarely make changes to ensure we are living a life without regret. Research shows that we feel the loss and regret of the thing not done, far more than the things we did, but got wrong.

Not only that, but our biggest mistakes often prove to be the greatest factors in our growth. Teaching us and pushing us beyond what we thought it was possible to endure, allowing us to expand in emotional and intellectual intelligence and problem-solving. 

Our choices ripple out into the world around us, when we think about what it means to live a life without regret, consider your legacy, your ripples, and whether they left the world better or worse. At the end of our lives, we don’t regret making enough money. But we do regret all the time we lost to the grind.

Bridget Hilton, author and keynote speaker at Experiential Billionaire, is this episode’s featured guest. She speaks powerfully about what it means to live a life with no regrets, how new experiences empower us to be bolder, and how your life can transform when you give back.

If you find yourself putting your dreams off, or worse, not even daring to dream them, then this is the episode to get you thinking about today, not someday!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of new experiences
  • How to live a life with no regrets
  • The importance of giving back 

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Time Stamps

01:43 - Bridget discusses her career journey
05:32 - Building LSTN
07:42 - The gift of hearing 
10:15 - Experiential Billionaires 
15:10 - The power of new experiences 
16:46 - Writing the Experiential Billionaire 
19:29 - The most valuable parts of your life 
28:08 - Embracing the future 
30:29 - Using our lives in the best possible way

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