EP387: Brittany Hodak - The Super Model: The Value Of Creating Superfans

“If you want to turn your customers into super fans, being good is not going to cut it, you have got to be super!”
- Brittany Hodak

We’d all like for our potential clients to pick us over the competition, yet we often struggle to communicate our experience and value in a way that speaks to the heart of the customers we want to work with.

Awareness of your business isn’t the issue; it is apathy that kills revenue. If you can’t clearly communicate why potential clients should care about what you do, how can you expect them to care?

Once you communicate your value and it reasonates with people then do great work for them, you can create superfans who recommend you to everyone they know. If we can delight clients with every aspect of their experience with us, they will always come back. But more importantly, they become brand ambassadors, which will add more value than any paid marketing.

Brittany Hodak, a Customer Experience expert and author of Creating Superfans: How To Turn Your Customers Into Lifelong Advocates, is this episode’s featured guest. She shares the five points of her Super Model plan, giving you the tools to create the best possible customer experience and long-lasting customer loyalty.

If you are living in a service mindset and are unsure how to create an environment in which clients want to choose you, this is the episode to start your mindset shift into the experience economy. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of creating business superfans
  • How to exceed your client’s expectations
  • The importance of an experience-focused mindset 

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Time Stamps

03:30 - Brittany discusses her career journey
07:54 - Creating superfans for your business 
10:54 - Overpowering apathy 
16:42 - The Super Model
20:38 - Understanding your customer’s story
24:28 - Getting personal 
32:00 - Exceeding expectations 
35:19 - Repeat for your reputation

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