EP386: Spotlight - Nick Chandi - Revolutionizing Payments With Instant Services

“I have been a small business owner, and I know when you are short of cash, that three or four days of time, if you could get that money early, that could be a game-changing event for your life.”
- Nick Chandi

The world is constantly changing, and the pace of that change has never been quicker. Despite this, North America is lagging behind Asia in its adoption of instantaneous payment technologies. We may have digital transactions and payments that seem instant, but even these rely on an old system of checks and balances within our banks to resolve.

Nick Chandi, CEO and co-founder of Forwardly is this spotlight session's special guest. He helped create the first real-time payment solution for small businesses in the United States. Creating a platform that can automatically reconcile transactions for a more seamless and modern payment workflow. 

The old ways are comfortable, but we live in an on-demand economy, we want faster and more convenient services. Services that will become the norm in no time at all. While adapting to change can be stressful, there are people like Nick who make it their mission to make these changes as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you aren’t sure which direction the future of payments will take, or how it will apply to you, this is the episode for you to hear how your bookkeeping business could change for the better.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value & benefits of instant payments
  • How better access to cash flow is better for business
  • The importance of keeping up with the times

To learn more about Nick, find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Time Stamps

01:27 - Nick discusses his experiences founding Forwardly
02:35 - Revolutionizing transactions
05:33 - This bank is always open! 
08:16 - The value of access to better cashflow
12:28 - The benefits of instant payments 
21:38 - No risk, full rewards 
23:46 - The results so far 
26:07 - Features for the future

This episode is brought to you by our great friends at Forwardly!

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