EP382: Natalie Ruskin - Finding Your Why: The Metrics That Matter

“One of the biggest barriers I experience is my own distractibility, my own attention and how I am focusing it.” 
- Natalie Ruskin

What we show others on the outside, is often not aligned with how we feel on the inside. There is real pressure to present a certain way to be considered successful in business. But the reality is, we all have different ways of working and being and we all need help from time-to-time to understand what it is that really matters to us.

This is a challenge when negative beliefs can be so addictive. We sabotage ourselves so others don’t, or just to make the pressure of doing things we don’t love, stop.

We will never feel at peace until our outer projection aligns with our inner one. We have to stop seeking to show people we are successful, and live being successful. When we bring awareness to each moment in a non-judgmental way, we can see more clearly the things that truly matter to us. 

Natalie Ruskin, coach and host of the A Success Of Our Own podcast, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent her career helping purpose-driven people thrive in their work and well-being. She speaks to the power of finding and connecting with our sense of why. How to measure what matters to us, and how simple and consistent changes to your mindset will change your outer world for the better. 

If you are struggling with your purpose, or are unsure how to measure it, this is the episode to open your mind to the power of your why.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of connecting with your 'why’
  • How to build a success mindset
  • The importance of understanding our internal success metrics 

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Time Stamps

01:54 - Natalie discusses her career journey 
09:36 - Creating internal metrics for success
15:50 - Building the habits that will change your life
25:44 - Figuring out your why
31:27 - Holding ourselves accountable 
33:25 - She talks about her new podcast

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