EP381: Cara Steinmann - The Importance Of Networking From Your Core

“When you like somebody and they do good work, you’re going to refer them. I want my friends to win, I want everybody that I like to win, for their businesses to succeed and for them to enjoy it.”
- Cara Steinmann

Networking is tough. We have all received an email or LinkedIn DM, selling us hard on a person’s skills. On their unique ability to fix problems we (because we aren’t them) are unable to solve. The people using these methods must have some success, or they wouldn’t be so prolific, but for most of us, this way of doing things gives us the immediate YUCK. 

What would your network look like if instead of thinking about how you could sell your skills to others, you focused on what you could learn instead? If you connect with people who inspire and motivate you, not to sell them your skills but to develop them further.

Cara Steinmann, founder of The Ravel Collective & host of the Ravel Radio podcast, is this episode's featured guest. She has spent her career building a space for women to be themselves, share their wins and connect more deeply with other women in business. 

In this episode, Cara speaks to the power of supportive communities, leaning into the joy of referring, and the need to understand our core values, so we can connect more authentically with others, and create businesses that focus on bringing the right people together. 

If you are struggling with networking, or just want to understand how much more successful you could be when aligned with your values, then this is the episode to get you thinking about the impact true networking could have on your life. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of supportive community networks
  • How to find people that share your values
  • The importance of understanding core values 

To find out more about Cara, click here.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps
01:55 - Cara discusses her career journey 
06:20 - Finding the right people for you
11:55 - The power of supportive communities 
15:18 - Facing our networking fears 
23:24 - Figuring out temperament mismatches 
31:04 - Leaning into the joy of referring 
38:16 - Uncovering our core values 
46:15 - Finding the people who share your values 
53:54 - Connecting authentically 
58:59 - Where you can network successfully

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