EP376: Carla Caldwell - The Importance Of Mastering Delegation

“We’ve got to invest in ourselves, and if we’re too busy working on the wrong things, as a leader, we’ve got to invest in the future and be looking forward.”
- Carla Caldwell

How busy we are has a direct link to how successful and useful we feel. The problem with this comes from busying ourselves with monotonous and repetitive, easy-to-do tasks that take our attention and time away from the things only we can do. 

Delegating tasks isn’t easy, maybe we haven’t given effective training or set the necessary expectations, or maybe we are micromanaging and giving ourselves twice the work. Delegation is a balance, one in which you must trust your leadership skills to have the things that can be done by anyone organized for you, freeing up your time, energy and intention towards the things only you can do.

Carla Caldwell, founder of Caldwell Consulting & Training, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent her career helping accounting teams to modernize and grow beyond what they thought was possible. She dives into what it takes to create confidence as a leader, how to master delegation and what can happen in your business when you’re open to learning from others.

If you are struggling with reclaiming your time or aren’t sure how to lead your team to success, then this episode will get you thinking about what the right kind of busyness looks like. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to find confidence as a leader
  • What it means to have a modern accounting practice
  • The importance of mastering delegation 

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Time Stamps

01:34 - Carla discusses her career journey 
04:06 - Finding the confidence to be a leader 
07:11 - The must-reads for small business owners 
09:55 - What it means to have a modern accounting practice 
16:33 - The right kind of busy 
19:11 - Freeing up your calendar 
22:41 - Mastering delegation 
28:58 - Taking your firm to the next level
30:24 - Leveraging AI

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