EP375: Erin Daiber - Leading With A Growth Mindset

“We’re not going to go back to the way it used to be. We have to accept where we are and explore how to move forward from here.”
- Erin Daiber

What makes a great leader?

This isn’t a question with only one answer. That is why good leadership is so rare. Being successful in the moment is no good if it makes us unwilling to adapt to change, in the same way being scared of the flow of the future limits us from making confident and decisive choices for our businesses.

Leadership though, has never been about what we tell people to do. It is how we work and grow with our teams and clients. How we adapt to changes and stressors, the way we treat people under pressure and how we value and care for ourselves and others.

Erin Daiber, CEO of Well Balanced Accountants, is this episode’s featured guest. She speaks to the need for a growth mindset in good leadership, one that champions adaptability, self-care, and communication, to create those skills that will lead your business to a brighter future.

If you are struggling to engage with your team or clients, finding it hard to accept or adapt to the rapid pace of change, or just want to manage everything without feeling so on edge or burnt out, then this is the episode to get you thinking about what the future could look like and how to get there in one piece.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of communication in healthy leadership
  • How to shift your mindset to the growth edge
  • The importance of finding the right people for your team

To find out more about Erin, click here

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps    

01:42 - Erin discusses her recent experiences 
03:18 - Tackling the challenges of the moment
06:22 - Finding our growth edge
08:15 - Shifting our mindset 
11:51 - The ingredients of a great leader 
15:24 - Building virtual teams 
21:44 - The right person for the right role 
28:01 - Making AI work for us
31:45 - Getting connected with Erin

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