EP374: Joey Coleman - How To Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Employees & Clients

“If you don’t have the right bookkeeper, your business is not going to be around very long!”
- Joey Coleman

Building a business is often a process of trial and error. We adapt to crises as they happen, rather than planning and preparing to avoid them in the first place. This is true not only in how we take on clients, (clients that prove to be more work than we thought) but also in how we hire new employees.

Hiring anyone to just fill a seat then wondering why they aren’t performing is a common issue among new businesses. We forget it is us who must teach our employees, on top of all the other demands of business. 

When you systematize your processes and prioritize employee engagement and client satisfaction, you’ll create a business that not only retains clients and employees for longer but creates a blueprint for anyone to slip into and create success for you.

Joey Coleman, a speaker and author, is this episode's featured guest. He has spent his career designing creative ways to help businesses engage their customers and employees. By focusing on building connections, creating effective processes and systems, and trusting your employees, your business can’t be anything other than successful.

If you are wondering why your client relationships are sour, or why that new hire isn’t just magically fixing all of your problems, this is the episode to teach you everything you need to know about keeping your clients and employees for the long term.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of building healthy & open connections
  • How to retain your employees & clients for the long run
  • The importance of systems & processes in business success

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Time Stamps

02:12 - Joey discusses his career journey
05:57 - Two sides of the same coin
07:28 - Finding our focus 
09:52 - Never losing an employee again
23:34 - Pay for it now, or pay for it later
27:40 - Giving our employees their time back
35:10 - Creating mentoring success 
38:40 - What works for us?


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