EP373: Spotlight - Jamie Beresford - Understanding The Future Of Cyber Safety

“Storage isn’t what’s attacked, it's access. People steal access, they steal credentials, usernames and passwords from users, and access data illegally from anywhere, it's not about the location.”

- Jamie Beresford

As the tools that help make running our business evolve, so too are the tools scammers and fraudsters apply against us. Keeping our businesses and clients safe from data theft is not easy. Most of us are bookkeepers, not cyber security specialists.

In this latest spotlight episode, Jamie Beresford, the CEO of Practice Protect, discusses what it takes to control access to client data, manage and mitigate risks and keep ourselves safe online. 

Jamie’s company works exclusively with bookkeepers to keep us protected from the bad actors online who use AI and other technology to gain access to our data. While ransomware and denial of service attacks can cause us grief, newer technology is allowing fraudsters to slip in unnoticed and redirect information at will. Meaning it can be months before you realize the numbers just aren’t adding up properly.

If you are concerned about the implications of new tech on your business, this is the episode to get you looking in the right direction to protect your firm from any attacks.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to navigate evolving technologies
  • How to protect access to your data
  • The importance of securely backing up your data

To find out more about Jamie, click here.

To learn more about Practice Protect to see if it's a fit for your business, visit this link.

Time Stamps    

01:21 - Jamie talks about his career journey
02:34 - Navigating the complexities of evolving technology 
04:38 - How to protect access to your data 
07:37 - Getting to grips with secure data transfer 
12:39 - Securing your accounts
14:29 - Safeguarding guidelines for finance companies
18:48 - Protecting client data 
20:48 - Securely backing up your data
23:01 - Getting help from Practice Protect

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