EP372: Amanda McKinney - The Importance Of Courage In Building Confidence

“When we know the why, we’ll figure out the how!”
- Amanda McKinney

We all aspire to be confident. To have faith in our skills and conviction of trust in our knowledge that any challenge can be overcome. The problem is confidence is built through trial and error. Is it any wonder so many of us are paralyzed into inaction when we want the confidence to act, but lack it because we haven’t done the very thing that creates it.

It is okay to be scared and to lack confidence. What matters most is connecting to your true reason for creating your business. If you know for sure what your why is, you will keep moving toward it no matter the obstacles and unforeseen challenges put in your way. 

Amanda McKinney, host of The Unapologetic Entrepreneur Podcast and author, is this episode's featured guest. She has spent her career following her passion to help business owners define their own success and create businesses that build into your life, not overtake it.

If you are struggling to get a true bearing for your life, feeling twisted and tumbled by ever uncertainty, then this is the episode to get you focused on what really matters and give you the courage to chase your dream, no matter the challenges.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of finding your true why
  • How to get comfortable talking about the bumps in the road
  • The importance of courage in building confidence 

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Time Stamps  

01:43 - Amanda talks about her career journey 
04:32 - Getting comfortable talking about the bumps in our journey
09:45 - Figuring it out, one step at a time
13:55 - What are other people going to think and why do we care
14:52 - Searching for your true why
16:45 - Amanda talks about her book, Why Not You?
26:48 - Uncovering your confidence 
34:30 - Finding your people
36:15 - Amanda shares her top tips for Successful Bookkeeper listeners
38:35 - The Unapologetic Entrepreneur Podcast 

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