EP370: Julie Daniluk - Unlocking The Secrets To A Long & Healthy Life

“People don’t realize that they always think ‘I eat as a reflex to being stressed’, but you can reverse engineer it and choose foods that shut down your stress response.”
- Julie Daniluk
For many of us, the goal of building a successful business is centred around the hopes that we have to provide security and freedom for ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, the drive to create this success is often the thing that causes us to fall back on unhealthy ways of living.
Stress causes a vast number of chronic health conditions that ultimately end up restricting our ability to live happily, coupled with a poor diet from spending all our time working and spending large chunks of the day immobile at our desks. A pattern of poor health begins to emerge that can have serious consequences on our long-term health.
Julie Daniluk is a nutritionist, best-selling author and coach at Daniluk Consulting Inc. In this episode, she breaks down the impact of stress on our long-term health and explores the right foods and snacks to help us live longer and happier.
If you have found yourself feeling sluggish, irritable or struggling to get moving after so long behind a screen, then this episode will give you the keys to unlocking a long and healthy life. 
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The long-term benefits of good longevity
  • How to make better choices when you feel stressed
  • The importance of finding the right foods & snacks for you
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Time Stamps
01:35 - Julie discusses her career journey
05:48 - Confronting the challenges of a changing world 
08:55 - Making better food choices for stress
16:04 - Finding the right snack for you
21:40 - Getting portion sizes right 
30:34 - The long-term benefits of good longevity 
34:33 - Getting connected with Julie


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