EP369: Jessica Fox - The Significance Of Cultivating Community & Connection - Part 2

“When you’re faced with decisions, don’t necessarily jump on what will be the next logical step of growth, always come back to, ‘Why did you start your business and what do you want to get out of it?’” 
- Jessica Fox

What is right for you? 

There is enormous value in community connection, in group thinking to solve complex issues and create spaces for the sharing of best practices. But when trying to overcome limiting beliefs, too much time spent in the crowd can add pressure we don’t need to be successful.

Your definition of success matters, if you only ever set out to build a business that would support your needs, of course, you are going to feel stressed and pressured by the people around you with different or ‘bigger’ dreams. 

In this second part of a two-part interview with Jessica Fox, owner of Florida Virtual Bookkeeper, she explores what it means to value yourself and so much more!

During this interview, you'll also learn...

  • The value of standing out from the crowd
  • How to overcome our paralyzing fears
  • The importance of working to build community 
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Time Stamps

02:01 - Working to build community  
07:17 - Standing out from the crowd 
13:20 - Overcoming the fear that paralyzes us
19:10 - Finding the right price for you    
23:04 - Building a business that brings you joy

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