EP367: Jeffrey Klubeck - Overcoming The Curse Of Knowledge

“Nobody is immune from the curse of knowledge. The curse of knowledge is when we become so familiar with something that we, all of a sudden, do not know what it's like to not know.”
- Jeffrey Klubeck

If knowledge is power, then wisdom might be considered the right application of knowledge. Too often the curse of knowledge boxes us into ways of thinking and being that become inescapable. That prevents innovation, connection, and creativity from blooming with anyone who doesn’t think or act the same as we do.

We expect accountability and responsibility from others but don’t often stop to consider how responsible we are, and how open we are to being held to account by others. When so many of the ways we view responsibility are based on judgement, holding ourselves and others to account, can feel like an attack on our very nature.

Jeffrey Klubeck (who is an author, speaker, mentor and coach) is this episode’s featured guest. He has spent his career helping people break down the barriers of their encoded thoughts, to be open to new and different ways of doing things. 

If you are struggling to communicate with people of different experiences or to break free of the idea that your individual view of accountability is the only valid one, then this is the episode to get you thinking about what your life and business could look like if you broke the curse of knowledge.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of the right strategies, tactics & resources
  • How to overcome the curse of knowledge
  • The importance of accountability & motivation in leadership

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Time Stamps

01:36 - Jeffrey discusses his career journey 
05:31 - Understanding the impacts of change 
10:20 - The curse of knowledge 
15:50 - The three pillars of leadership
20:08 - Strategies, tactics and resources 
24:07 - Becoming responsible for our own behavior 
30:37 - Getting positive about accountability 
36:10 - The Integrity Game 

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