EP366: Carol Bowser - The Conflict Management Crash Course

“If we don’t have that follow through, then maybe we just dampen something, but don’t actually make a substantive change.”
- Carol Bowser
Everyone has different expectations on how things should be done, and how we should be recognized for doing them. Conflict arises when our differing expectations on workplace culture, autonomy and deliverables aren’t met.
While fights in the office might seem like the height of drama, it is the same every day, trainable and avoidable issues that lead to toxic workplaces. If not fixed, this death by a thousand cuts will see everything you loved about your business drain away.
Which asks the big often unasked question, who is responsible for conflict? 
Not just in the sense of who is causing it, but who should be the one to fix it?
This is where Carol Bowser, President of Conflict Management Strategies, shines. She has spent more than twenty years helping business owners not only settle the conflicting issues in their workplaces, but also has great success at removing, training, and changing conflict triggers before they have a chance to take hold.
If you are experiencing conflict in the workplace, or afraid that conflict may arise in the future, Carol’s tried and tested approach can help you resolve issues before they arise. 
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The conflict challenges facing small businesses
  • How to manage conflict before it begins
  • The importance of setting healthy & balanced boundaries 
To find out more about Carol, click here
Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Time Stamps
01:34 - Carol talks about her career journey 
03:30 - Twenty years of conflict management 
07:49 - Managing the conflict before it begins 
11:21 - The challenges for small businesses  
20:43 - Setting healthy & balanced ranges of autonomy 
24:52 - Working in or working on your business 
26:50 - Guidance for tackling complex conflict 
32:30 - Getting connected with Carol 

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