EP363: Mark Kappleman - How To Find The Niche Within The Niche

“We’re testing these same services in my business, seeing what’s working, what’s not. And then going out to the marketplace and saying, ‘We know you have this problem, would you be interested in letting us help you?’” 
- Mark Kappleman
When getting started in business there is often a pressure to be a generalist, to try and learn and do everything for any possible client. But, there is nothing wrong with combining your skills and experience with all those clients and your own passions to specialize in the niche that perfectly suits you.
Letting go of clients is hard. It is tough to shake the scarcity mindset. Imagine, however, all of the people who could be served by your unique knowledge, not to mention the relief found when you’re not dealing with twenty different problems in one day. Instead, applying your expertise in ONE area to twenty different clients.
Mark Kappleman, co-founder of RealEstateAccounting.co, is this episode’s featured guest. He has spent his career, seeking out the niche within the niche, creating and building market opportunities to help clients achieve their dreams.
There has never been a better time to leverage your skills and experience to solve the problems your clients don’t even know they have. If you have been struggling to identify your niche, this is the episode to get you to follow your passion!
During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The value of specializing in your niche
  • How to manage the unspoken & unknown problems
  • The importance of following your passions 
To find out more about Mark, click here.
Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Time Stamps
01:31 - Mark talks about his career journey 
06:04 - Following your passion 
09:18 - Getting to the root of the problem
13:44 - Focusing your niche 
17:14 - Becoming a generalist or a specialist 
19:23 - Sometimes the niche finds you
22:04 - Managing the unspoken & unknown problems 
27:05 - The future of business 
30:55 - Learning more about Mark 

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