EP358 - Stephan Wiedner - How To Build A Better Workplace

“It’s like following a leader off of a cliff… just because they said jump, you jump. You want to be able to have that freedom to be able to push back and disagree and think about it.” 
- Stephan Wiedner

It isn’t easy to speak up in the workplace. A lack of psychological safety often prevents us from being as honest and open as we might be with others. This kind of disingenuous polite agreement stifles innovation, costs you money, and affects your employees' and clients' sense of engagement with your business.

As with all things worth getting right, balance is required. To navigate safely between creating dictatorial workplaces where only the leader’s thought matters, or free-for-alls where so many points, thoughts and ideas are put forward, finding direction becomes impossible. 

Stephan Wiedner, psychological safety expert and CEO of Noomii.com and Zarango.com, is this episode's featured guest. He has spent his career educating people on the value of understanding and creating psychologically safe environments in the workplace. 

If you are struggling to speak freely to your employees, clients, or managers and want to create the kind of workplace that celebrates open dialogue while maintaining respect and regard for the feelings of everyone involved, this is the episode for you!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of measuring psychological safety
  • How to fail like a pro
  • The importance of encouraging open dialogue

To find out more about Stephan, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Click here to get your free psychological safety assessment.

Time Stamps
01:32 - Stephan talks about his career journey 
04:42 - What is psychological safety? 
09:45 - Encouraging dialogue in a safe and non-offensive way 
12:15 - Building a better place to work 
15:18 - The mistakes leading to a psychologically unsafe workplace 
19:35 - Demonstrating that you understand and appreciate others 
25:55 - Failing like a pro!
29:01 - Noticing the things and people that keep you quiet
34:50 - Providing critical feedback 
37:08 - Learning more about psychological safety

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