EP354: Becky Daniels - Business Building: How To Set Small Goals To Achieve Big Ones

“The mission of my business is building a business that serves my family, instead of my family serving a business.” 
- Becky Daniels

Being good at a certain thing doesn’t always mean you will be good at running it as a business too. There is an ever-expanding demand for bookkeeping advisory services, as more businesses become aware they are missing out on a wealth of benefits while they try to focus on delivering their product or service.

There is so much demand that it can feel like you have to take every client that comes your way. But if you find your niche and excel in it, clients will be beating down your door, not to mention paying a premium for your knowledge and experience.

Building a scalable bookkeeping business isn’t easy, especially when all the processes live in your head. When you have well-documented processes, it makes it easy to help others get the same results you are. 

Becky Daniels, owner of Daniels Business Solutions, is this episode's featured guest. She has spent her career helping businesses grow and become more profitable by doing what she does best so that her clients can focus on what they do best.

If you are struggling to build connections, feel like you are serving your business rather than your business serving you or are worried about niching too early, then this is the episode to get you thinking about what the future of your business could look like.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of a consultative sales approach
  • How to share your value in an advisory capacity
  • The importance of building a business that serves you
To find out more about Becky, click here.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps
01:31 - Becky talks about her career journey 
07:02 - Building businesses that serve you
08:44 - Getting to know what matters to your clients 
11:30 - Building value into your relationships
14:58 - Knowing who you want to work with
20:34 - Taking the time to get your processes right 
23:08 - The power of Pure Bookkeeping 
28:44 - Moving into an advisory role

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